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Introduction to Wine Filling Machine

Wine filling machine can fill with various alcoholic products, such as white wine, rice wine, red wine, beer, wine, fruit wine, medicinal wine, cocktails, etc. What’s more, it is also suitable for filling bottles of various shapes, including round bottles, square bottles, hexagonal bottles and special-shaped bottles.

KEFAI Machine’s automatic wine filling machine is multifunctional and practical. We have a variety of wine dosing machines for you to choose from. There are two quantitative filling methods for wine fillers to choose from, one is quantitative and the other is fixed liquid level. So customers can choose the way they need to fill wine.

Customer Orientation

KEFAI Machine specializes in serving wine production companies, and we provide the best wine bottle filling machines for wine plant. KEFAI Machine has a good reputation and has the strength to serve customers well. We are proud of the quality and craftsmanship of our exquisite filling machines. And we love our customers and we can solve their unique requirements about wine fillers. In addition, our service is full of strong enthusiasm, and we are committed to making our customers satisfied. In total, we look forward to cooperating with you for a win-win situation.

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Stable Equipment Performance

KEFAI Machine has a strong supply chain of raw materials. 80% of the core components of KEFAI Machine’s automatic wine dosing machine come from well-known brand manufacturers, including Siemens in Germany, Mitsubishi in Japan, SMC in Japan, Schneider in France, and Weinview in Taiwan, China. All of these fully guarantees the stability and good quality of the equipment. It ensures that the structure of the fuselage is stable and the quality of the whole machine is reliable. Therefore, choosing KEFAI’s wine filling machine means choosing the most assured equipment. KEFAI Machine’s wine filling machines will be your best choice.

Product Section

KEFAI Machine has the best wine bottle filling machine that makes your work easier.

Automatic Wine Filling Machine
Automatic wine filling machine is a good helper for filling in various wineries, it can efficiently and quickly produce filled wine. Because of its preferential prices have attracted many customers.
3 in 1 Wine Filling Machine
This type of wine filling machine is designed for small and medium-sized factories. It considered factors such as low purchase costs, low water and electricity consumption, and little space consumption, etc.
Wine Bottle Filling Machine
This automatic wine bottle filling machine is always used to fill wine into glass bottles at high-speed. The shape design is beautiful and ergonomic.
Wine Can Filling Machine
The filling function of the aluminum cans filling machine for wine is very accurate. And the filling error of the filling machine is very small, and the maximum error is only 1.5ml.
Wine Bag in Box Filling Machine
The bib wine filling machine has a simple structure, and the filling volume and speed can be adjusted. It is easy to move and is suitable for small workshops.
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Want To Know More About Wine Filling Machine?

Feel free to be in contact with us if you have some questions about wine filler.

Information about Wine Filling Machine

What Our Customers Say

“We put the wine filling machine into the entire production line. The whole filling line runs stably and has no problems when it is easy to use. It is recommended that everyone buy it.”

—— Mr. Francis, a customer from Denmark


“The automatic filling machine for filling wine is very easy to use and has accelerated our production progress. Using KEFAI’s multi-functional wine filling machines, we have also gained more profits. Thank you KEFAI for providing us with a good wine filling solution.”

—— Mr. Ives, a customer from Costa Rica


“KEFAI’s intelligent wine filling system has helped us a lot. I think KEFAI’s use of machines is very guaranteed. If you have purchased KEFAI’s machines like me, you will definitely think so.”

—— Mr. Gene, a customer from Liechtenstein

Start Quickly
Start Quickly
KEFAI Machine's fully automatic fruit wine filler can be used with just one key to turn on the power button. It has fast start-up time and fast running time.
Work Longer
Work Longer
These automatic wine filling machines can work for a long time without stopping, which can speed up the production of wine bottles in your wine factory.
Easy to Adjust
Easy to Adjust
The wine filling equipment is compatible with bottles of various sizes and does not require the replacement of any accessories. It can meet various quantitative filling needs of customers.
Smooth Running
Smooth Running
The great advantage of this automatic wine filling machinery is that it can keep the container moving smoothly during transmission when the machine starts working.

The Frequently Asked Queations about Wine Filling Machine

What should we do if our factory site is limited and we can't put the wine filling equipment?

Please rest assured, we can customize the wine filling machine according to the size of your plant, thereby saving your space and making effective use of the limited space.

How to confirm that this wine filler is suitable for my production?

Before you place an order to purchase, you can contact our customer service staff. We will recommend the most suitable wine filler machine for you based on your product details so as not to cause you unnecessary economic losses.

How to use this wine filling machine?

Our expert engineers will tell you how to use it. In addition to reading the operation manual, we can provide video tutorials for your reference. In some areas, we can also install and train independently.

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