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Triangle Bag Packing Machine

  • Effortless: KEFAI triangle bag packer adopts the concise construction, making it an easier operation to disassembly, reassemble, repair, maintain and clean.
  • Flexible: Our triangle bag packer has a wide range of film width, bag width, bag length,etc. The random adjustment of those parameters is feasible in the rated range.
  • Unique Style: The triangle bag packing machine has a mode of ultrasonic sealing and cutting, which means that it is of great possibility to form the packaging with artistic appearance.
  • High Dependability: Our triangle bag packers are capable of running under high speed conditions due to the extremely high load rate.¬†

Product Section

Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine

The triangle tea bag packaging machine is able to package all kinds of tea like green tea, black tea, scented tea, herbal tea, health tea, chrysanthemum tea, medlar tea, dark tea and so on. This special packaging adopts a layer of filter paper or non-woven cloth to brew tea. You can gain a prominent packing effect by controlling the parameters.

Triangle Bag Packing Machine for Snacks

The triangle bag packing machine for snacks is extremely suitable for granular and flaky items such as puffed food, potato chips, prawn crackers, peanuts, beans, popcorn, cereals, oatmeal, melon seeds, etc. The triangle bag packing machine for snacks is equipped with an accurate control system so as to regulate some actual irregular actions.

Triangle Bag Packing Machine for Coffee

The triangle bag packing machine for coffee usually uses nylon membrane to pack coffee powder. And the coffee powder is in direct contact with the filter paper. The coffee triangle bag packing machine can be set on the touch pad, which makes every procedure of production operation simple and effortless.

Vertical Triangle Bag Packing Machine

The vertical triangle bag packing machine adopts double channel parallel connection and occupy less production space than some models.

High Speed Triangle Bag Packing Machine

The high speed triangle bag packing machine can produce thousands of bags per minute since it is full of powerful production capacity.

KEFAI triangle bag packing machine is a device with three dimensional  packaging bags. The triangle bag packing machine is frequently used in tea, coffee, snacks products and so on. Moreover, our triangle bag packing equipment is able to be applied in food industry and medical industry.

Our triangle bag packer machine has simple circuits and outstanding functions. Therefore, KEFAIMachine triangle bag packaging equipment can fulfill your various requirements. Besides, the manufacturing of linked bags is of huge possibility as long as the linking bag device is configured. You are welcome to consult us at any time for our 24-hour after-sales service. Once you choose us, a lifetime technical support will beckon to you.

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The Competitive Producer in Triangle Packaging

KEFAI packing machines have been gaining an increasing number of market share whether at home or abroad. As an experienced triangle bag packing machine supplier, the products manufactured by us always have good reputation in the industry. KEFAI Machine has gained strong discursive power in the market due to a number of utility patents. Come here and you will enjoy a premium sense of experience from our professional service staff. KEFAI Machine holds that the cost-effective products are more likely to win your favor.

Triangle Bag Packing Machine
Triangle Bag Packing Machine

Help You Compete with Others

The triangle bag packaging machine is a current leading choice for triangle bag packaging. In some cases, you might find it difficult to realize both speed and accuracy. However, the metering precision has an unpredictable impact on the credibility of your product. But now, we are absolutely certain that we can help you solve this problem. Our sensors and weighing modules are all produced by well-known brands, which can ensure that the measurement accuracy error is controlled to a minimum with almost no effect.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Triangle Bag Packing Machine


Does the packaging of the triangle bag packing machine have a bad impact on the environment?

Of course not. The packaging materials adopted by the triangle bag packing equipment have passed through safety inspection. Moreover, the packaging material of triangle tea bag packer is degradable non-woven fabric, a kind of environmental protection item.

Is the triangle bag packing machine a semi automatic or fully automatic one?

Actually, it depends on your production needs. Both semi automatic and fully automatic triangle bag packing machine can be provided to you. However, by contrast, the fully automatic one is more efficient.

How to deal with the failure of the triangle bag packing machine?

In fact, you do not have to worry about this situation. If the triangle bag packer breaks down, it will alarm the operator and the related detailed information are displayed on the touch screen.

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