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Introduction to Toner Filling Machine

Toner filling machine is a popular and excellent filling device. The product application of toner filling machine involves a wide range of applications. In addition to toner, it can also fill various powder pellet materials with strong fluidity, such as wheat powder, talcum powder, agriculture chemical powder, etc.

KEFAI’s toner filling machine is in sufficient stock, so that we can ship it in time and quickly. KEFAI Machine has accumulated in the industry for many years. Our toner filling machine adopts advanced technology, and all styles of machines support personalized customization. We insist on making the safest and best toner filling machine.

Top Standard Production

KEFAI Machine is a well-known manufacturer of toner filling machines. The toner filling machines we produce are manufactured using the best grade of raw materials and advanced technology. We provide these standardized filling machine products to our esteemed customers. In addition, we also support various customized machine services. The toner powder filling machine provided by KEFAI Machine is user-friendly in design and has high filling accuracy to meet the set industrial standards. We will go through multiple machine performance tests to ensure that the quality of each toner filling machine is flawless.

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High Degree of Accuracy

The high-precision toner filling equipment will make your products work better. There is a stirring device in the cutting device of the toner dosing machine, which can evenly cut the material. By controlling the number of revolutions of the screw, the precise weighing of the material can be achieved, thereby further improving the weighing quality. Under the action of the motor, the agitating rod changes the distribution of the toner well, thereby improving the flow state of the toner. The toner distribution density is uniform. In order to finally achieve the high accuracy of metering and filling.

Product Section

KEFAI Machine is a toner filling machine factory, and we produce the best toner filler machine.

Fully Automatic Toner Filling Machine
The fully automatic toner filling machine can bring maximum benefits to the factory. It can autonomously detect the container and then quantitatively fill it.
Semi Automatic Toner Filling Machine
The semi-automatic toner filling machine is a multifunctional device that is extremely suitable for quantitative filling of free-flowing powder like toner powder.
Bottle Toner Filling Machine
This is a double head toner filling machine, which can increase the production output of bottled toner products in your factory more quickly.
Big Bag Toner Filling Machine
The large bag of toner filling machine is an industrial filling machine that needs to fill toner powder with a certain weight in a large bag.
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Looking for A Toner Filler?

Please send an inquiry to KEFAI Machine if you have interst in our toner dosing machines.

Information about Toner Filling Machine

Listening to Our Customers

“I bought a cosmetic toner filling machine from KEFAI. Its performance is undoubtedly very perfect, and it can accurately fill the weight of toner I need. If you also need a suitable toner filling machinery, I recommend you to choose KEFAI Machine.”

—— Mr. Locke, a customer from the United Kingdom


” That day we found KEFAI’s toner cartridge filling machine at an affordable price and the product has a beautiful appearance. After simply communicating with KEFAI customer service staff, we quickly placed an order. And KEFAI shipped very quickly, and everything was so satisfactory. “

—— Mr. Neal, a customer from United States


“The toner filling machine price is cheap and affordable. I think it is not easy for KEFAI to be able to set the PRICE at such a reasonable price when the quality of the machine is very good. I hope KEFAI will continue to maintain it and not forget the original intention. “

—— Mr. Rolle, a customer from Canada

Widely Recognized
Widely Recognized
Due to the outstanding performance of our toner powder filling machine at work, it is widely praised by our clients. Also, the toner filler sells well in general domestic and overseas nations.
Multiple Use
Multiple Use
The toner filling machine is suitable for use in situations where the material variety and filling container often change. It can be said that the compatibility of the machine is very strong.
More Collocation
More Collocation
For materials that are prone to dust, our company's uniquely designed dust removal interface or vacuum device can be installed at the filling port to ensure a clean environment.
No Rusting
No Rusting
The toner filling machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is not easy to rust and will not penetrate into other impurities, which can effectively ensure the safety and reliability of product quality.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Toner Dosing Machine

Will the cutting of the toner filling machine be inaccurate?

No. Our toner filler machine has the advantage of accurate fillingIf the cutting is not accurate, it may be caused by the following reasons: the material is too wet or agglomerated, the cutting spiral rotates incorrectly, there are foreign objects wrapped around the spiral, the stirring scraper is in improper position, the stepper motor frequency is not appropriate, the operation method is wrong, etc. Please check properly. If it is really impossible to solve, please contact KEFAI Machine customer service staff in time.

Can you provide me with a fully automatic toner filling system?

Yes. We can provide you with the most suitable toner filling machine solution, including feeding system, filling system, conveying system, automatic control system and other parts. Please tell us the details about the filling of your product.

Will your toner filling machine pollute the factory environment due to dust?

No. We have vertically installed metering screws, which can quickly feed and easily adjust the feeding at the same time, so that both metering and feeding can be well integrated, while avoiding dust flying indiscriminately. In addition, there is a suction system at the outlet of the filling nozzle, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of dust raising.

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