Ton Bag Packing Machine
  • Ton Bag Packing Machine
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  • Ton Bag Packing Machine
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Ton bag Packing Machine

  • Not Easy to Damage: KEFAIMACHINE ton bag packing machine always adopts the premium parts to manufacture equipment to achieve low failure rate.
  • Customized: The ton bag packer is made-to-order based on the features of different materials and customers.
  • Duty-Free: Our ton bag packaging machine is equipped with a dust removal device to achieve no dust overflowing.
  • High Sensitivity: KEFAI ton bag packer is fairly sensitive and has strong anti-interference ability due to the weighing system.

KEFAI MACHINE ton bag packing machine is able to be used for packing super large capacity materials. Moreover, it is a kind of large-scale weighing packaging equipment specially designed for ton bags of packaging materials.

Our ton bag packing machines have gained praise from plenty of clients at home and abroad. The ton bag packaging machine can realize the weighing of 1-2 tons per bag. The weight weighed by our ton bag packaging equipment can be accumulated and displayed on the screen for your reference. Our ton bag packaging machine can reach any precision of various granular powdered products.


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The Best Quality, the Lowest Price

Any packaging machine in KEFAI Machine will not be sold out if it does not pass through the inspection and testing. KEFAI Machine has been insisting on this point and hopes to serve for more clients. KEFAI ton bag packing machine adopts the system of stepless speed regulation, and the speed can be changed according to the actual operating conditions. We are expert in the filling and packing a variety of materials, and our ton bag packaging machine can help you complete the task in the fastest time.

Wide Applications

KEFAI ton bag packing machine is capable of being used in many fields such as daily chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, building materials, grain and other industries. Our ton bag packers are able to package products quickly and it can complete weighing, bag removal, dust removal on its own. This clarifies that our ton bag packing machines are extremely multi-functional. In the entire process, you don’t even have to put much labor power. If you purchase one model from us, you will be able to save much human power expense.

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The Frequently Asked Questions about Ton Bag Packing Machine


What is the composition of the ton bag packaging machine?

The ton bag packer machine consists of several parts such as weighing machine, elevator, bag hanging machine, bag clamping device, dust collection device, and control system.

How fast is your ton bag packaging machine packing?

As a matter of fact, the ton bag packaging equipment can pack up to 40 tons per hour.

How to control the system of the ton bag packing machine?

It is relatively easy to operate the ton bag packing equipment and the steps of the system can be adjusted on the touch screen. Our engineers can help you train your technicians if you need.

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