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Tetra filling machine is an efficient, hygienic and highly customized juice beverage packaging equipment, usually used with disposable straw packaging.

Introduction to Tetra Pak Packaging Machine

The tetra packaging machine has a wide range of applications, mainly suitable for the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and water industries. It is mostly used for packaging various types of liquid and semi-liquid products, such as milk, juice, and beverages, and is accompanied by disposable straws to make drinks easy to drink.

KEFAI tetra pak aseptic filling machine is safe and reliable. The advantage of aseptic packaging with Tetra Pak packaging machines is that they provide a highly hygienic and aseptic packaging environment, which helps to extend the shelf life of the product and ensures the hygiene and quality of the product.

Excellent Machine Quality

KEFAI Machine has a variety of tetra pak machines for sale, and we are known for their excellent quality and reliability. The design and craftsmanship of KEFAI Machine’s Tetra Pak packaging machine ensure the excellent quality of the product and maintain the taste and taste of the product. At the same time, this brick-shaped packaging is recyclable, which helps to reduce packaging waste and meets environmental standards. In terms of ensuring the economic benefits of the tetra pack making machine, we provide you with the most suitable Tetra Pak packaging machine.

tetra pack packing machine detail 1
tetra pack packing machine detail - Aseptic cleaning system

The Right Tetra Pak Machine Price

KEFAI’s tetra pak filling machine is affordable. We will consider the interests of small and medium-sized or large enterprises and provide you with the lowest price Tetra Pak packaging equipment. The tetra pack machine price can vary greatly depending on the model, configuration, and options. If you need to add additional configuration to the machine, it will usually increase the cost. You can choose the tetra pack juice filling machine that suits you according to the different needs and budgets of each factory. All our Tetra Pak machinery is brand new rather than second-hand, which can ensure your safety when using the machine to work.

Product Section

KEFAI can give you the best tetra pack packing solution.

tetra pack packing machine
KEFAI automatic tetra pak packing machine can be allowed to pack milk, beverages, juices and other products. Its aseptic nature allows the product to be kept fresh without refrigeration.
KEFAI fully automatic brick packing machine is sturdy and reliable. It has been carefully manufactured by experienced workers to ensure long-term continuous work.
KEFAI tetra pak filling machines are highly automated and have an accurate metering system to ensure that the weight of each package is consistent and accurate.
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Information about Automatic Sauce Packing Machine

The Feedback from Our Customers

“The cost of tetra pack machine is an important consideration for us. We are looking for a suitable carton brick packaging solution, and finally launched an inquiry to KEFAI. Thank you very much KEFAI for giving us a series of help. You are really a very good one-stop packaging manufacturer. ”

——Sam, a client from the United Kingdom


“The performance of KEFAIMachine’s aseptic packaging machine exceeded our expectations. Because of the aseptic packaging, the shelf life of our milk products has been increased. There have been no quality problems with the products, and our customers continue to praise them. We intend to continue to cooperate with KEFAI Machine”

——John, a client from Germany


“We purchased KEFAI Machine’s small tetra pack machine for packaging juice.The overall quality of the machine has been maintained at the highest standards, and the packaging quality is impeccable and perfect. I have to say that with KEFAI’s Tetra Pak packaging machine, our production can be accelerated.”

——Adam, a client from Italy

Hygienic And Clean
Tetra Pak is a very hygienic form of packaging, because it uses disposable straws, which is a great guarantee for food hygiene issues. It is very important for some food industries.
Guaranteed Freshness
Tetra Pak packaging usually extends the shelf life of the product. This is due to the fact that the product is packaged in an environment which reduces the exposure to oxygen, thus slowing down oxidation and spoilage of the product.
High efficiency
High Efficiency
Tetra Pak Wrappers are highly automated machines with automatic filling, sealing, straw insertion and cutting. These automated operations increase productivity and reduce the need for manual labor.
Tetra pack milk machine can adjust the size of the package at will to suit different product capacities and needs, thus increasing brand awareness.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Aseptic Tetra Filling Machine

How does the tetra pack filling machine work?

The aseptic tetra pack juice machine is capable of aseptic packaging of various liquid products. Before filling the product, the packaging materials and containers will be disinfected first. The entire filling process is fast and accurate while reducing exposure to external pollutants, thereby maintaining product quality.

How does the milk tetra pack machine ensure aseptic?

The aseptic tetra pack milk packaging machine ensures sterility by sterilizing packaging materials and containers, maintaining a sterile environment in the filling machine, and sealing packaging under sterile conditions.

What maintenance does the tetra pack manufacturing machine need?

Regular maintenance is very important to ensure the normal operation of the aseptic Tetra filling machine. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the normal operation of the sterile Tetra filling machine. Maintenance work includes cleaning, lubrication, and daily inspections to detect wear or failure of any parts or parts in a timely manner. KEFAI Machine will also provide the corresponding Tetra pak filling machine manual.

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