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Introduction to Tea Bag Packing Machine

KEFAI tea bag packing machine is widely used for the automatic filling and sealing of tea bags. Tea bag packaging machine is suitable for small particle materials. It is suitable for packing tea leaf, green tea, herbal tea, flower tea, black tea and coffee, etc. Not only the measurement is accurate, but also fine adjustment can be made.

As one of the tea bag packing manufacturers in China, KEFAI Machine offers many types of tea packaging machines for pharmaceutical industry as well as various teas and coffees. Our tea bag packing machine is automatically packaged into bags. We refuse secondary contact packaging, no worker to touch, no bacteria, or dust, and it is more clean and hygienic. We can give you a full package solution of tea bag packers.

Loyal to Customers

KEFAI Machine has a competent team, and our technicians have more than 30 years of experience in making tea bag packaging machines. We are committed to developing new tea bag packers in order to ensure that they are more and more suitable for factory production. The automatic tea bag packaging machine is not only of high quality, but also at a reasonable price.

We can provide a whole production line of tea bag packing equipment service so that you do not need to spend time or effort to find other auxiliary machines.

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Excellent Packaging

The inner bags of tea packaging use heat-sealed filter paper, and the outer bags use plastic, aluminum foil film, laminated paper film, or PE materials. The excellent heat balance of the machine makes all kinds of packaging materials can get good performance. The tea bag packer machine cuts clear and expandable patterns and both internal tea bags and external plastic bags of it are heat sealed. The seal is very smooth and tight, and the finished products of the tea bag packer looks good. Besides, this inner and outer tea bag packing machine can automatically detect empty bags and stop filling.

Product Section

KEFAI Machine is able to make you enjoy the most attentive service all the time.

Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine
The triangle tea bag packing machine is also called pyramid tea bag packing machine, because its packaging shape resembles a pyramid. And the pyramid tea bag packing machine price is suitable.
Tea Bag Envelope Packing Machine
The inner and outer tea bag packing machine is applied to 3 side seal tea bag packing machine is also named plastic bags with filter bags inside.
Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine
In addition to the above machines, we also have the double chamber tea bag filling and sealing machine, which is an automatic and excellent tea bag packing machine. It has automatic filter paper bag forming, filling tea leaves, and sealing with a fine cord, a tag and then finally sealing nail.
Manual Tea Bag Packing Machine
KEFAI manual tea bag packing machine is capable of packing 30 bags at a time, with a weight of 7 to 14 grams per bag.
Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine
Both semi automatic tea bag packing machine and fully automatic tea bag packing machine can be provided to you.
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KEFAI Machine is hoping to present you the best tea bag packaging machine to win your trust.

Information about Tea Bag Packing Machine

KEFAI Tea Bag Packing Machine
Filling Method
Using measuring cups to fill
Bag style
Double bags
Bag size
Inner: L50-80mm, W50-70mm; Outer:L70-90mm, W80-120mm
Packing speed
30-40 bags/min
Control system
PLC+ touch screen
stainless steel
AC 220V
G.W. 300kg
L900*W650*H1700 (mm)

What Our Customers Say

“Comparing with many innner and outer tea bag packing machine suppliers, I want to believe KEFAI Machine factory. After all, the small tea bag packing machine price is low and the quality is good, who will not be impressed? Previously, I use a quality high speed manual tea bag packing machine, but now I finally have a automatic tea bag packing machine.”

—— Mr. Luis, a customer from Venezuela

“I want a  tea bag envoplope packing machine, and a friend of mine recommended KEFAIMachine to me. I trust him and also trust KEFAI Machine company. In fact, I really satisfied with this tea packing machine. “

—— Mr. Perera, one customer from Sri Lanka

“You will really regret if you don’t buy a Kefaimachine’s equipment, they have excellent service, durable quality and make a good and happy buying experience. The fully automatic tea bags packing machine is safe, efficient and stable. I love this automatic tea bag packer very much.”

—— Mr. Felipe, one of our customers from Brazil

Quick Action
In order to manage the whole tea bag packing process at each step, we just set up the parameters by going to the click using the PLC touch screen operation panel.
Highly Efficient
High Working Efficiency
The automatic tea bag packer completes the functions of measuring, bag making, discharging, cutting and sealing, and counting all at once.
Sturdy & Durable
The body and key parts of the tea bag packaging machine are made of thickened 304 stainless steel which is easy to clean, and we can also use 316 stainless steel to make it if you need.
Safety Guaranteed
There are safety measures: the machine is equipped with a safe plastic door protection, which can avoid the danger of the operator inadvertently touching the rotating blade while the machine is working.

Quality Tea Bag Packing Machine Manufacturer :

tea bag packing machine manufacturer is a crucial step in the tea production process. After the tea has been blended and packaged into individual tea bags, the bags need to be packed into boxes or other containers for distribution to stores and consumers. The tea bag packing machine manufacturer process involves a combination of automation and manual labor to ensure that the tea bags are properly packaged and ready for sale.

Making of Tea Bag Packing Machine Manufacturer :


The first step in tea bag packing machine manufacturer is to gather the individual tea bags and prepare them for packaging. This may involve sorting the bags by flavor or variety, or arranging them in a specific order for packing into boxes.


Next, the tea bags are fed into a packaging machine, which can be set up to pack the bags into boxes, tins, or other containers. The machine may use a conveyor belt or other automated system to transport the bags to the packaging station, where they are loaded into the boxes or containers.


Once the tea bags have been packed into boxes, the boxes are typically sealed and labeled with information about the tea variety, flavor, and brewing instructions. The labeling process may be automated or done manually, depending on the size and complexity of the operation.

Tea bag packing machine manufacturer is a critical step in the tea production process. By ensuring that the tea bags are properly packaged and labeled, tea companies can deliver high-quality products to consumers around the world. Whether packed into boxes or specialty containers, tea bags offer a convenient and flavorful way to enjoy a cup of tea anytime, anywhere.

The Frequenty Asked Questions about Tea Bag Packing Machine

Can one tea bag packing machine package different grams of tea?

Yes. Our tea bag packer supports different specifications, and you can choose to use a small tea bag packer for 5g package.

How do I choose a suitable model of tea packaging machine?

You can tell us what needs you have  for the tea bag packing machine and we will design a suitable solution for you.

Can I see the finished products by sending the samples?

Yes, you are allowed to send samples. We will take a full set of videos of the tea bag packing machine workflow and photos of the bags, so you can rest assured that we will make everything in order.

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