Introduction to Tablet Packaging Machine

Tablet packaging machine mainly packs round flakes and round granular items, such as sugar-coated tablets, vegetarian tablets, capsules and other materials. It is a new product with a high degree of automation designed for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical factories, health care product factories, and hospital preparation rooms.

KEFAI’s intelligent automated tablet packaging pharmacy machine continuously and automatically completes the entire packaging process. The electrical appliances adopt an imported control system to ensure the smooth operation of the machine without making noise. In addition, we can be equipped with missing material compensation device and missing particle detection and removal device according to customer requirements.

Product Quality Control

KEFAI Machine has strict machine quality and high-quality pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service, so that customers have no worries. We believe that better tablet packing machines quality will have a better future. Our tablet packaging machine supports customization and can be used for a long time. We can give you a great tablet packaging solution, I believe it will bring higher benefits to your product production. KEFAI has various types of blister packing machines, please tell us your specific needs, and we will recommend a suitable tablet packaging machine for you!

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Independent-Producing Factory

KEFAI independently produces automatic tablet packaging machines. The body parts are all made of stainless steel, which can effectively prevent moisture and corrosion, and are not easy to rust. The main part of the tablet packaging system is also independently manufactured by our manufacturers. The specification error rate is low and it can better match the tablet packaging machinery, ensuring the stability and safety of use. If the tablet packing equipment needs to be replaced with new parts after a long period of use, you can also contact us again, and we can ship it in time.

Product Section

KEFAI tablet packaging machine focuses on the manufacture of excellent quality.

Automatic Blister Tablet Packaging Machine
This is an automatic blister packaging machine for tablet that forms a blister with a transparent plastic film or sheet, and seals the product between the blister and the bottom plate by heat sealing.
Manual Tablet Blister Packing Machine
This manual tablet blister packaging machine is suitable for small pharmaceutical companies. The whole set is compact and compact in design, with a beautiful appearance.
Vertical Tablet Packaging Machine
KEFAI's intelligent vertical tablet packaging machine can perfectly pack small bags of tablets for you. It can automatically realize the packaging functions of weighing, cutting, bagging, and coding.
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Information about Tablet Packing Machine

Customer Reviews

“This blister packing machine for tablet is completely exceeded our expectations. The blister packaging is very strong and durable, and the efficiency is fast. The performance of the tablet packer is not bad, it is easy to use and not expensive. “

—— Mr. Baron, a customer from the United Kingdom


“KEFAI’s tablet blister packing machine price is cheaper than other suppliers. We compared several packaging machine manufacturers, and finally chose KEFAI. This machine for packing tablets is also very affordable and authentic.”

—— Mr. Amos, a customer from Belgium


” I have to say that KEFAI’s tablet packaging machine is of great quality, and it deserves to be a factory with many years of manufacturing experience. Their blister packaging machines can protect materials from steam or dust, improve the degree of packaging of products, and increase added value. “

—— Mr. Basil, a customer from Italy

High Efficiency
High Efficiency
The use of blister tablet packaging machines can greatly improve labor productivity. The machines are much faster than manual packaging and can mass produce many products in a short period of time.
Standardized Packaging
Standardized Packaging
The machine can effectively package products of unified form, size and specification. It is particularly important for the production of products, only it can meet the requirements of packaging standardization, and collective packaging.
Various Bag Shapes
Various Bag Shapes
KEFAI's tablet packing machine can pack special-shaped objects, such as oval, square, and triangular tablets. It can be said that our tablet packing machines can pack all tablet products.
Professional Manufacturing
Professional Manufacturing
Our engineers have a wealth of experience in making tablet packaging machines. The entire machine is rigorously manufactured through our sophisticated technology, which can have faster work efficiency.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Tablet Packaging Machine


What is the specific size of the blister tablet packaging machine?

The dimensions of our tablet blister packer are about 2350*710*1700mm, and the weight of the machine is about 650 Kg.

How do I find a tablet packaging machine suitable for my product?

Tell me the details of your product. For example, your product name and the size (length, width, and height) of the product. We can find a suitable tablet packing machine for you, or we can customize a machine for you.

Can I receive your tablet packing equipment as soon as possible after I purchase it?

This depends on the specific situation. Standard machines are available in stock in our factory and can be shipped quickly within one to two working days. We have a production cycle for customized machines, which can be shipped within 15 to 30 days.

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