Sugar Sachet Packing Machine

Introduction to Sugar Sachet Packing Machine

KEFAI sugar sachet packing machine has a wide application range. In addition to sugar, our sugar sachet packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of salt, tea, beans, and other granular products.

The sugar sachet packer can be your best money saving option. Eliminating a lot of intermediate costs, KEFAI Machine is the source manufacturer and supply directly to consumers. In other words, we can provide you with the lowest sugar sachet packing machine price.

Manufaturer with Good Reviews

KEFAI Machine specializes in the business of packing machines and filling machines. KEFAIMachine sugar sachet packaging equipment is full of multi functions with less limitation. We believe that we can offer the most valuable sugar sachet packaging solution to you. We are able to provide you with a made-to-order sugar sachet packer machine if you have special needs. Our customer service staff are able to respond you as soon as they see your message. Or you can leave your contact information for more quick communication.

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Precise Temperature Control

In the process of sealing, it is of great importance to have an exact mastery of sealing temperature. Our sugar sachet packaging equipment adopts the sealing method og heat seal. The sealing temperature of the sugar sachet packing machine is displayed by LED digital display in order to carry out the intelligent temperature control. The temperature control system will make corresponding adjustment in case of abnormal temperature. In this way, the sugar sachet packer will have a higher tight seal efficiency and more stable operation condition.

Product Section

KEFAI sugar sachet packaging machine supplies you with the intelligent packaging solutions.

5g Sugar Sachet Packing Machine
The 5g sugar sachet packaging equipment owns a small and firm structure, and it does not make loud sound at all.
10g Sugar Sachet Packing Machine
The10g sugar sachet packer allows you to set the temperature parameters and packaging grams.
15g Sugar Sachet Packing Machine
The15g sugar sachet packing machine can be equipped with a coding machine to print production date, batch number, shelf life, etc.
25g Sugar Sachet Packing Machine
KEFAI 25g sugar sachet packing machine is equipped with a micro computer control panel to complete smart packaging.
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Establish Win-Win Cooperation

 It is right to choose KEFAI Machine if you want to establish reliable and long-term cooperation.

Information about Sugar Sachet Packing Machine

Customer Reviews

“Kefai Machine is a trusted sugar sachet packing machine supplier and they gave me a lot of help. In selecting the models of sugar sachet packing machines, I was a little confused. Their professional salesmen introduced me some hot sale models according to their own experiences. Eventually, I purchased a high speed 20g sugar sachet packing machine. Now it has a steady running situation.”

—— Taylor, a client from the United Kingdom


“I am a food manufacturer, and bought a semi auto sugar sachet packing equipment. Kefai Machine’s after sales service is actually great and timely, when the sugar sachet packing machine has something wrong, their engineers come to my factory quickly. Thanks for your rapid handling.”

—— Layton, a client from Peru


“Last year I bought a packing machine in KEFAI Machine, and this year I come here again to get a 15g sugar sachet packaging machine. The sugar sachet packer is able to deal with the granulated sugar in a short time. In this way, my boss can smoothly catch up with the delivery period.”

—— Quincy, a client from Argentina

User Friendly
User Friendly
You will not be worried about the learning of the sugar sachet packing machine when choosing us. This is because we have a fabulous training team for teaching the technicians, even the beginner. Besides, it is fairly easy for most of people to learn the operation and use of the sugar sachet packaging equipment.
Precise & Error-Free
Precise & Error-Free
KEFAI sugar sachet packaging equipment is characterized by a new type stepping motor control driver. The driver makes it possible to change the length of packaging bags in a quite accurate way, which does not even require people to adjust other parts.
It is extremely convenient if you have a sugar sachet packing device with high sensitivity and intelligence. Our sugar sachet packaging machine is able to prompt you automatically when the required output is completed as long as you set the output.
No Pollution
No Pollution
The sugar sachet packing machine adopts the 304 food grade stainless steel to make the equipment body. With this kind of material, both the rust and corrosion can be avoided during the operation process. Moreover, the packaging material will not be polluted.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Sugar Sachet Packing Machine


Can your sugar sachet packaging machines be used in fields other than the food industry?

Yes. In addition to food industry, our sugar sachet packing machines are capable of being applied to pharmaceutical, chemical industries, and so on.

What is your sugar sachet packing machine composed of?

The sugar sachet packaging equipment consists of the following parts: control panel, display screen, bag former, sealing device, knife punching device, electric cabinet, etc. There are also optional devices like nitrogen machine configuration.

Can the bag former of the sugar sachet packing machine be changed?

Yes. The bag former of the sugar sachet packaging machine is able to be customized. That is to say, you are allowed to get the most suitable bag former so as to meet your own product needs.

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