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Introduction to Spice Packing Machine

KEFAI spice packaging machine is very versatile which is suitable for small bags of powder materials which are not easy to flow. The shape of the finished product is a flat bag sealed with three or four sides. It has been widely used in milk powder, food, health care products, condiments, food ingredients, medicine, beverage, chemical, cosmetics and other fields. We can make different types of bags according to customers’ requirements.

Due to the premium raw materials used in the manufacturing process, our spice packagiing machine is extremely strong, durable and corrosion resistance. Advanced technology used in the manufacturing process adds functionality. KEFAIMACHINE spice packer machines are used for fast and efficient packaging of some powder materials, such as spices, flour, condiments, pepper, chili powder, cumin powder, washing powder, soap powder, etc.

Compact Design

KEFAIMachine spice packaging machine is simple in structure, easy to install, operate and replace the bag making machine. The spices packing machine adopts durable 304 stainless steel, easy to clean. If you have special needs, we can also customize 316 stainless steel.

Because of our years of accumulated technical experience, we can meet the requirements of different packaging customers. Our service is in place, and we promise that any non-human caused damage within the warranty period is allowed to provide free replacement parts.

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Advanced Screen Touch Operating System

The spices powder packaging machine owns intelligent control system, microcomputer chip controller. Moreover, the heat sealing temperature can be adjusted acording to your requirements. The spice packing machine can help you realize the selection of language in Chinese and English display screen. 

Besides, the photoelectric tracking system enables the packaging to become more precise. The operator just needs to set parameters, and the spice packaging machine can accurately control the operation of the system.

Product Section

The spice powder packing machine can be applied to seasoning powder products of different fineness.

Spice Pouch Packing Machine
This spice filling sealing packing machine is widely used to pack any loose, non-cohesive granule products of the heretical, and chemical industries.
Pepper Powder Packing Machine
The pepper powder packing machine is a hot sale product. It is used to fill and seal powder or small granule products into bottles, plastic bags, paper bags or can.
Chilli Powder Packing Machine
Our spice food packing machinery can fill all kinds of packing bags. We accept any customized demand from our clients for bag makers or metering devices.
Seasoning Powder Packing Machine
The seasoning powder packing machine is suitable for pack various fine powders. The working process goes from dosing, filling, bag forming, sealing, cutting to date printing..
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Information about Spice Packing Machine

Customer Voice

“The packing seal is beautiful and wrinkle-free. The finished product is also very beautiful in its packaging. I really want to work with KEFAI for a long time. KEFAI impressed me that they are very professional. They were really considerate of our client and suggested a good solution for us.”

—— Mr. Bruce, a customer from Monaco

“I need a small packing machine for spices. And I see KEFAI has lower spice packing machine pricethan other packaging manufacturers. Out of the price of the heart I asked the KEFAI customer service staff, after a while, I found that KEFAI is very for me to consider, consider very comprehensive, I think they are trustworthy. As it turns out, my judgment is not wrong, KEFAI products are really good quality.”

—— Mr. Clarence, a customer from Hungary

“If anyone didn’t choose KEFAI’s packers, you really did make a bad choice. KEFAI’s products are of really good quality and for this price you can get such good quality.”

—— Mr. Dempsey, a customer from San Marino

Safe & Reliable
The tool protection device covers the perimeter of the tool to improve safety.
Optimized Operation
The spice packing machines are able to optimize your operations with less downtime and minimal switching.
Consistency of Weight
The screw is usually used in the spice powder packing machine to control the packing weight of the material, and consistent product weight per pack is possible
High Precision
The photoelectric eye tracking and servo film delivery system greatly improves the accuracyand efficiency of operation.

Questions You May Like to Know about Spice Packing Machine


What is your spice powder packing machine price?

As a brand supplier serving customers, our packaging machine price is relatively cheap compared with other suppliers in the same industry. While ensuring low price, our machines also guarantee high quality.

Can you give me a suggestion on bag types with different weights?

①Below 25grams, we suggest you can choose stick packing bag;

②25-100 grams,we suggest you can choose three side sealing, four side sealing;

③More than 100-500 grams, we suggest you can choose back sealing bag.

Does your spice packing machine support continuous packing?

Yes. The bag cutting methods we can operate include flat cutting, serrated cutting, continuous bag cutting and fillet cutting. Packaging bag tear mouth can also be made into V type easy tear mouth and I type easy tear mouth, and the hole of packaging bags can be made into an O hole and a European hole two hanging holes.

What type of spice packaging machine should I choose?

We are capable of answering your questions online 24 hours a day. You are welcome to consult and provide your material information. Our staff will respond to you in a timely manner to provide you with the appropriate solution.

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