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Introduction to Seed Filling Machine

Seed filling machine is used for automatic weighing and filling of 2g to 50kg granules like sugar, rice, seeds, beans, feed, fodder, plastic particles, pet food, etc. This automatic filling machine has been widely used in food, agriculture and chemical industries, and so on.

KEFAI’s seed filling machine has many advantages that you will get more benefits. You can use it easily and its price so cheap. KEFAI has a strong strength, excellent seed filling machine quality, delicate details, fine craftsmanship, who is the perfect seed filling machine supplier. If you are interested in this product, please feel free to contact us.

Guarantee Your Interests

KEFAI Machine has a large number of seed filling machines, as well as a large number of other related supporting machinery. Our ultimate goal is to manufacture the country’s and even the world’s leading seed filling machine. We can guarantee that the seed fillers are economical and environmentally friendly, which means that new technologies and high-quality filling machines can also bring some benefits to customers. In this way, we can help you reduce the environmental impact of your seed filling production line. KEFAI Machine’s goal is to help our customers make more money in the future.

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Get Started Quickly

KEFAI’s seed dosing machine has few steps to operate, and the operation is simple and easy to use. Only a short four-step machine is required to fill the seeds. At the beginning, turn on the power supply and then set the parameters. After pouring the seeds and other particulate materials into the hopper or using a hoist to automatically lift the materials to the hopper, the seed doser can run the work in accordance with the prescribed requirements, automatically quantitatively weigh, fill, and then enter the next process. Therefore, this practical seed filling system can be applied to people of all ages or novices.

Product Section

KEFAI’s high-quality seed filling machine brings you the greatest benefits.

Seed Packet Filling Machine
You can use this machine to fill seeds in sachets. It is suitable for quantitative filling of small weights, and it is the best helper for all kinds of small shops and enterprises.
Seed Tray Filling Machine
The automatic seed tray filling machine can reach a maximum capacity of 500 pallets per hour. You can easily fill the seeds in pallets and sow them directly, which is more suitable for customers in the agricultural industry.
Seed Cans Filling Machine
When you need to fill the seeds in tin cans, bottles and other containers, you can choose KEFAI's canned seed filling machine. It can be used in combination with a sealing machine so that the production efficiency will be faster
50g Seed Filling Machine
This machine can automatically dispense and count all the particles. It is suitable for filling seeds with a weight of less than 50 grams and has an advanced intelligent computer control system and a compact shape.
5kg Seed Filling Machine
Measuring cup seed filling machine is suitable for the metering and filling of some free-flowing particles. The filling rate can be adjusted by manually clicking on the settings to change the filling time.
25kg Seed Filling Machine
The semi-automatic seed filling machine belongs to a new generation of quantitative filling equipment, which has the characteristics of simple structure, low failure rate, wide application range, and flexible assembly.
50kg Seed Filling Machine
This is a double-station multifunctional automatic quantitative filling machine, which can accurately and quantitatively fill seeds. And it is suitable for woven bags, sacks, cloth bags and other packaging materials.
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Wonderful Seed Filling System

If you do not find the equipment suitable for your needs, we also provide the customization service.

Information about Seed Filling Machine

The Feedback from Our Customers

” I love this semi automatic seed filler very much because it’s so easy to operate. And I think this seed filling solution is very versatile. It is also possible if you want to fill other granular or powdered materials other than seeds.”

—— Mr. Jake, a customer from Lithuania


“KEFAI Machine’s customer service staff is online all day long. They can answer our questions at any time and introduce us to the most suitable seed doser machine for us. Thank you very much for Kefai Machine’s help.”

—— Mr. Jefferson, a customer from Belarus


“KEFAI Machine is really a powerful filling machine manufacturer. Their machines are of good quality, cheap and cost-effective. I recommend you all to buy and use Kefai Machine’s seed filling machinery.”

—— Mr. Clinton, a customer from Mexico

Accurate Measurement
Accurate Measurement
KEFAI's seed filling machinery uses well-known brand sensors, which have strong anti-interference and strong stability. It can accurately measure the required seed weight.
Intelligent System
Intelligent System
The seed dosing machine has an intelligent system that can control the setting of parameters, drop correction, alarm of excessive weight, fault diagnosis and other functions.
Direct Sales
Direct Sales
KEFAI Machine is a real factory with a first-hand source of goods. We refuse middlemen to make the difference and try our best to give customers the best products.
Efficient & Convenient
Efficient & Convenient
The seed filler can not only drop materials, but also accurately weigh and fill in such a fast situation to increase production.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Seed Filling Machine

Is your seed filling machine easy to rust?

No. The contact part of our seed dosing machine and the material is made of all stainless steel. You don’t have to worry about the problem that the material contact part will gradually rust after long-term use.

Can I still contact you if I have any questions after receiving the seed filling machine?

Sure. Rest assured, we have a professional maintenance and after-sales team, who can be on call to solve any machine-related problems for you as soon as possible.

Does your seed filling machine have a large weight error?

No. Our seed filler relies on a fully automatic computerized filling system, which can fill granular products such as seeds with high precision.

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