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Introduction to Seasoning Powder Packing Machine

Seasoning powder packing machine has a wide range of applications, and all kinds of condiment powder products can be packaged. And this seasoning powder packer can use a variety of heat-sealable composite film packaging materials.

KEFAI’s automatic seasoning powder packaging machine is a multifunctional and powerful machine. At the same time, this seasoning powder packaging equipment supports various packaging bag types, stick bags, special-shaped bags, side-sealed bags, side-sealed bags, serrated bags, and even continuous bags can be achieved. The material channels are all 304 food grade stainless steel, which has a wide range of applications.

Reputable Manufacturer

KEFAI Machine is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the production, manufacturing, sales and service of various packaging machinery. We uphold the tenet of customer-centered, down-to-earth and serious work, honest trading, reliable quality, and enthusiastic service to provide customers with excellent products and attentive service. We can provide one-stop service to solve various concerns for customers through online methods. Therefore, the choice of KEFAI seasoning powder packers can be safe for long-term use.

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Excellent Sealing Effect

First of all, the seasoning powder packing machine has a temperature control panel, and the specific temperature numbers can be displayed on the LED digital displayer. More effective bag sealing can be achieved through intelligent temperature control so that the operation of the seasoning powder packaging machine is more stable and reliable. Secondly, heat sealing is used in the sealing place, so the sealing will be tighter and the packaging effect will be better. In other words, the finished bag packaged by the seasoning powder packer is flat, and the embossing of the sealing can be straight or reticulated .

Product Section

KEFAI seasoning powder packing machines will take your business to the next level.


30g Seasoning Powder Packing Machine
The vertical automatic packaging machinery can pack seasonings in various small bags. This 30g seasoning powder packer does not take up much space and the cost is low at the same time.
500g Seasoning Powder Packing Machine
The automatic seasoning powder packing machine can automatically complete the complete process from powder metering to automated packaging, which is very time-saving and labor-saving.
VFFS Seasoning Powder Packing Machine
This series of packing machines uses screw filling materials for metering, and consists of several screws of different specifications within the metering range to complete different metering ranges.
High Speed Seasoning Powder Packing Machine
The fast seasoning powder packaging machine can be several times faster than the packaging speed of ordinary seasoning powder packaging machines, so that the factory can produce more condiment products.
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Are You Interested In Our Seasoning Powder Packers?

If you have interest in Kefai seasoning powder packaging system, you can contact us now.

Information about Seasoning Powder Packing Machine

What Our Clients Say

” The wholesale price of KEFAI’s condiment packing machine is cheaper. KEFAI’s fully automatic condiment packaging machine has guaranteed quality and high cost performance. I highly recommended that everyone to buy KEFAI’s multifunctional packaging machine.”

—— Mr. Jesse, a customer from Italy


” KEFAI’s customer service staff patiently answered my questions and recommended a seasoning powder packaging machine that is more suitable for us. This transaction with KEFAI is very pleasant, and I hope we will have the opportunity to cooperate in the future.”

—— Mr. Luke, a customer from Portugal


“The seasoning powder packing equipment is simple to operate, high precision, and the shape of the packaged bag is beautiful. This machine is in use without any problems, and we have fallen in love with KEFAI’s high-quality packaging machine for seasoning machine. “

—— Mr. Phoebe, a customer from Spain

Easy to Operate
Easy to Operate
The seasoning packaging equipment is easy to operate, it adopts advanced PLC, electrical control system and mechanical transmission system to realize the automatic packaging function.
High degree of Integration
High degree of Integration
The control system adopts PLC programmable computer controller, touch screen, photoelectric sensor, encoder and frequency converter, which makes it more integrated and more reliable in operation.
Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly
The entire packaging production process is clean and pollution-free. The optional dust-proof device can effectively prevent dust-raising in the packaging process.
Readily Adjustable
Readily Adjustable
The screw powder hopper is driven by a servo motor to ensure stable and accurate operation. The height can also be adjusted to ensure the most suitable packaging effect.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Seasoning Powder Packer


Do parts need to be replaced when there are bags of different sizes that need to be packed?

There is no need to purchase any replacement parts. Before we ship the seasoning powder packer to the customer, we will entrust the machine with all the different product samples of the customer, and then save the data as a receipt in the PLC. When the customer is about to use a different size, just read out the data, and then the machine will have the correct size to capture the bag.

How many kinds of materials is your seasoning powder packing machine suitable for?

Our seasoning powder packing machines can handle various products that customers want to pack by replacing the feeder. Including liquids, pastes, powders, granules and other materials.

Do you have a manual or operation video to let us know more about the seasoning powder packing machine?

Yes, we can also make 3D drawings based on your design. If your packaging items are easy to find in our local market, we can provide a video of the test materials of our packaging machine.

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