Salt Sachet Packing Machine

Introduction to Salt Sachet Packing Machine

KEFAI salt sachet packing machine is a multi functional packaging device not just confined to salt. The salt sachet packaging machine is also suitable for sugar, particles medicine, milk tea powder, seasoning, small snack, small spare parts, coffee powder, puffed food, and so on.

The small model of salt sachet packer can be delivered to your factory directly. In this way, you are able to reduce many transportation cost. In addition, the salt sachet packaging machine price is definitely the lowest that we can offer because we are the source factory. We hold that the huge production capacity of our salt sachet packaging equipment will give the best experience.

Loyal Manufacturing in Salt Sachet

Since 2004, we have provided our small bag packing machine solutions to more than 500 customers. The comments we received were overwhelmingly positive. High efficiency and high quality are synonymous with our products. Our salt sachet packing equipment has gained much popularity due to its flexible design. Our sales team is always waiting to providing the sincerest response for our clients. Within the 12 months since you purchased then salt sachet packer, you are capable of enjoying the quality guarantee for free.

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Powerful and Qualified Factory

As a factory that independently researches, develops and produces salt sachet packaging machines, KEFAI Machine has invested a lot of labor costs and technical costs. After the R&D engineer team has completed the design work, our existing 45 engineers, under the leadership of the chief engineer, will carry out the manufacturing and commissioning of the salt sachet packing equipment. With 15 years of experience, we have learned a lot of lessons in the industry, and we know how to grasp the hearts of our customers and cooperate with them for a long time.

Product Section

Side Seal Salt Sachet Packing Machine
KEFAI side seal salt sachet packer allows you to set the packaging speed, packaging volume, the length and width of the packaging bag.
Back Seal Salt Sachet Packing Machine
KEFAI back seal salt sachet packing machine is able to form a beautiful and neat seal due to the minimal temperature change.
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Information about Salt Sachet Packing Machine

What Our Customers Say

“Six months ago, I bought this kind of salt sachet packaging equipment. So far, it has an extremely stable running situation. Kefai is also able to customize ant type of the salt sachet packing machine so that you do not be worried that you can not find a suitable machine model. That is so awesome.”

——Clayton, a client from Guatemala


“We have produced plenty of salt to meet people’s daily needs since it is a fundamental seasoning product. Your fully automatic salt sachet packaging machine has wonderful performance. It has a flexible design and we can use it to finish the production of huge scale. Thank you a lot! ”

——Icarus, a client from Monaco


“I just would like to say that I am very grateful for your effortful work. Your after sales team always gave me fast feedback each time I have some problems. We really love the whole machine body because it looks so beautiful. The 304 stainless steel makes it easier to clean, install the salt sachet packing machine.”

——Ronan, a client from Hungary

Self Detection
Self Detection
Our salt sachet packaging machine can quickly complete the troubleshooting of equipment failures because it has the function of self-detection. In addition, during the troubleshooting period, the entire troubleshooting process can be displayed on the screen, allowing you to understand the situation in real time.
Safe to Use
Safe to Use
KEFAI salt sachet packing machine is equipped with a side-opening protective baffle with good visibility. The baffle can not only protect you from injury, but also be transparent to let you see the inside clearly. Besides, the emergency button allows to stop the salt sachet packaging equipment in case of something unforeseen.
Rapid Bag Forming
Rapid Bag Forming
At first, our salt sachet packaging equipment is able to be suitable for many packaging films such as OPP, CPP, PET, PE, PVC, and so on. Under correct operation, those packaging films can be quickly made into bags of different shapes.
Extremely Accurate
Extremely Accurate
The bag making system adopts stepper motor subdivision technology, and the error of bag making is less than 1mm. Our sachet salt packaging machine can position the sealing position precisely, thus making the bag shape more exquisite and neater.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Salt Sachet Packing Machine

How to discharge the gas in the salt bag?

Unlike the traditional exhaust method of punching holes with needles, our salt bag packaging machine can discharge gas without leaking salt.

How to install the packaging film of the sachet packing machine?

This is a very simple process, you only need to put the packaging film on the pre-delivery roller.

Is your salt bag packaging machine fast to heat in the sealing process?

Yes. Our sachet salt packer adopts all-stainless steel sealed heating block, which can be heated quickly and is also very durable.

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