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Plastic Bottle Filling Machine

Precise and Non-drip: The filling head does not drip and does not overflow liquid. Therefore, the filling accuracy of this machine is also very high, and there is no big error in the filling capacity of each bottle.

Sanitary Guarantee: The parts of the machine hopper that need to be in contact with the material are all made of high-quality stainless steel, which meets GMP standards to ensure product hygiene and safety.

High-quality Accessories: The main pneumatic components of the filling machine for plastic bottle use well-known imported accessories at home and abroad to ensure the high quality and extremely stable characteristics of the machine.

Wide Compatibility: The filling machine is compatible with plastic bottles of various sizes, and there is no need to replace accessories, which can greatly improve the filling efficiency.

Product Section

Plastic Bottle Liquid Filling Machine

The equipment is suitable for automatic filling of various airless beverages, mineral water, and pure water. It has a reasonable design, complete functions, and high degree of automation.

Plastic Bottle Powder Filling Machine

KEFAI powder filling equipment for plastic bottles is the machine of choice for filling and packaging all dry powder products. It is a great ideal for filling and packaging very fine powders.

Plastic Bottle Granule Filling Machine

This is an all-in-one assembly line machine that can turn the filling and capping function into an integrated assembly line machine. It can automatically fill particulate matter.

Rotary Plastic Bottle Filling Machine

The rotary filling equipment for PET bottle has a reasonable structure and accurate quantitative filling. It uses a pneumatic filling system, which can be applied to the packaging of various fluid materials.

Linear Plastic Bottle Filling Machine

KEFAI linear plastic bottle filling machine can be used in combination with other equipment, such as capping machine, labeling machine, bottle management machine, etc.

3 in 1 Plastic Bottle Filling Machine

 The three-in-one plastic bottle filling machine is a water treatment equipment that can quantitatively fill liquids, reflecting the one-stop service of the overall beverage factory.

Plastic bottle filling machine is a new type of quantitative filling machine with multi-function. It can automatically fill various liquids, powders and particulate materials, and can be widely used in cosmetics, food, medicine, chemical raw materials and other industries.

KEFAI’s plastic bottle filling machine is popular in the market. There are many machines used for filling plastic bottles. KEFAI is a wholesale manufacturer of automated plastic bottle filling machine equipment. Our machines have quality assurance and affordable prices. We independently develop filling machinery for particles, powders, and liquids, and we can customize machine services to meet any needs of customers.

Super Customer Service

KEFAI provides solutions to meet customer needs for most production line packaging applications. We provide a wide range of packaging machinery and spare parts options for manufacturing plants and industries in many industries. In the pre-sale, sale and after-sale, we provide customers with quality service and support. We strictly grasp the quality of our products and have intimate after-sales service. We have a number of technical personnel with industry technical experience, and we can customize the machine according to customer needs. In addition, our plastic bottle filling machine has a long warranty, so customers don’t need to worry about follow-up repairs.

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Automatic Production Line

A plastic bottle filling machine can be used in combination with other related machines to become a filling production line. The working process flow of the fully automatic filling production line can realize a series of production processes from automatic bottle management, bottle flushing, sterilization, automatic feeding, filling, organizing the bottle caps, capping, labeling, coding the production date, cartoning, sealing, and finally to package and palletize. If you have any questions and want to know more detailed information about the plastic bottle filling line, please contact us as soon as possible.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Plastic Bottle Filling Machine

What is the number of filling nozzles in the plastic bottle filling machine?

Our plastic bottle filling machines have single-head, double-head, four-head, six-head, eight-head, 10-head and other quantities. In addition, we can customize the number of filling heads according to your filling and production needs.

Does the machine have any restrictions on the size and height of the plastic bottles used for filling?

Basically not. Generally, our machines are used for filling bottles with a height between 20mm and 250mm, and bottles with a diameter between 30mm and 100mm. However, our machines can support custom-made, so our machines can fill bottles of any size you have.

What motor does your plastic bottles filling equipment use?

The whole plastic filling system is driven by a servo motor for 9,000 hours, and the noise under normal filling conditions is less than 40 decibels, which is very quiet and not harsh.

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