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Introduction to Pepper Powder Packing Machine

Pepper powder packing machine has a wide range of applications and is suitable for use with various powdered materials, such as pepper powder, starch, cumin powder, matcha powder, medicine powder and other powdered products. And the machine is suitable for a variety of bag types of packaging. We can choose the appropriate packaging bag type according to the customer’s packaging needs.

KEFAI’s automatic pepper powder packers can be customized with devices, such as industrial dust removal devices, punching devices, coding devices, etc. KEFAI must do our best for every detail of this pepper powder packing machinery.

Quality to Reassure Customers

KEFAI Machine is a pepper powder packing machine supplier that provides one-stop service packaging solutions. Since our establishment in 2007, with the continuous exploration, research and application of advanced technology, our multifunctional pepper powder packer has achieved a certain good reputation. In addition, KEFAIMachine has a professional and innovative team that is composed of technical engineers, sales staff and after-sales service staff. We have a number of certificates to ensure the excellent quality of our automatic pepper powder packaging machines. So please feel free to use our pepper powder packer.

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Worry-free After-sales

KEFAIMachine’s pepper powder packing machines enjoy a one-year warranty. Our  pepper powder packers are of excellent quality. We have the world’s leading packaging machine manufacturing technology. Focus on independent research and development, and have a number of professional engineers to guide the technical guidance to ensure the perfection of the machine. We will first conduct strict test and commissioning of the machine before shipment to ensure the smooth operation of the machine. We have a professional after-sales team with more than ten years of experience, and we are online 24 hours a day, so that we can answer any questions you have in a timely manner.

Product Section

KEFAI’s automatic pepper powder packing machine brings you the best packaging effect.

Pepper Powder Sachet Packing Machine
The screw metering pepper packaging machine can pack various plastic composite films and other films into three side seals, four side seals and back seal bags of finished pepper powder.
Pepper Powder Pouch Packing Machine
This automatic vertical pepper powder packer machine can complete the tasks of metering, bag forming, powder filling, bag sealing, cutting at once. The pepper packer is suitable for big bags packaging.
Horizontal Pepper Powder Packing Machine
The automatic horizontal premade bag packer for pakaging pepper powder can perfectly package products. It can automatically complete a series of packaging tasks.
Rotary Pepper Powder Packing Machine
The automatic rotary pepper powder packing machine is suitable for packaging premade bags, and it is also suitable for packaging of various powder materials.
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Have Interest In Our Pepper Powder Packing Machines?

If you have interest in KEFAIMachine’s pepper powder packaging system, you can contact us right now.

Information about Pepper Powder Packing Machine

The Feedback from Our Customers

“KEFAIMachine gave me the most suitable pepper powder packaging machine solution for my factory. The pepper packing machine is very practical and I am very satisfied. I will work with Kefaimachine again in the future.”

—— Mr. Muktar, a customer from France


“The functions of the fully automatic pepper powder packing system are very complete. It is very easy for us to use the machine. It greatly reduces the labor time and energy of our workers, and can work efficiently for a long time, which brings us very high benefits.”

—— Mr. Ahmed, a customer from Canada


“You can’t believe how great Kefaimachine’s automatic pepper powder packaging machine is. The packaging effect is good with no error, and the weight of each bag of product is the specified weight which is great. So I highly recommend you to buy this packaging machine from Kefai Machine.”

—— Mr. Jack, a customer from USA

The machine adopts a color touch display screen, which is simple to operate. It also has a multifunctional design that can automatically complete many tasks.
In addition to a separate vertical pepper powder packaging machine, it can also be equipped with various coding, coding, exhaust, and punching systems.
Excellent Quality
Excellent Quality
The body of our pepper powder packaging equipment has the appearance of stainless steel, and the frame and some accessories are treated for acid and corrosion resistance.
Stable Performance
Stable Performance
This is a high-stability packaging machine with pure mechanical structure that can weigh accurately and pack quickly. It uses high-quality accessories and can be used for a long time.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Pepper Powder Packaging Machine

Do you have any typical cases of successful pepper powder packing machines?

Yes, we have many successful cases of pepper packer machines. For example, once before, we recommended a solution for a horizontal prefabricated bag pepper packer to a customer. The customer was quite satisfied, and then came to us to place an order for several machines.

Have your pepper powder packers worked with a certain brand?

Yes, we have cooperated with well-known brands, and they were amazed by the packaging effect of our pepper powder packaging machine, and they are still now cooperating with us for a long time.

How can I see the effect of our bag on the pepper packing machine?

If you need to see the display of the finished product packaged with your roll film or packaging bag with our pepper packaging equipment, you can send us some samples of your roll film or prefabricated bag. And we can use it on the pepper powder packaging equipment first and then take pictures or record videos for you to check and confirm.

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