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Introduction to Peanut Packing Machine

KEFAI peanut packing machine is an ideal product for nuts packaging. The peanut packaging equipment can be applied to the regular particles like walnut, seeds, beans, cashews, pine nuts, corn, and other materials.

The peanut packer machine is full of huge potential and able to save much effort during the work of packaging peanuts. The packaging materials of bags can be made from natural and non-toxic raw materials. Therefore, our peanut packaging machines are eco-friendly products and they have little influence on the environment.  KEFAI Machine will let you enjoy the lowest peanut packing machine price as long as you come here.

Powerful Packaging System

KEFAI Machine is capable of providing a whole peanut packing system for your convenience. In general, the made-to-order service is also available for you and you only need to explain to us your specific packaging requirements, such as bag type, size, capacity, specifications, etc. We have set up a local service center specifically to provide you with the nearest after-sales service such as maintenance and installation, etc. Any question about the automatic peanut packing equipment can be solved as soon as possible.

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Clear In Process

Our automatic peanut packaging machine is equipped with an intelligent touch screen, on which the entire operation steps allow you to see much clearly. In addition, all the controls about the peanut packer machine are capable of being fulfilled through the software. Even if the peanut packaging machine has something abnormal, the faults can be immediately detected and displayed on the smart screen. We believe that Kefaimachine’s automatic peanut packaging solution will absolutely make your packaging work easier and faster.

Product Section

KEFAI is able to solve the potential problems about peanut packer for you.

Sachet Peanut Packing Machine
KEFAI sachet peanut packing machine is more suitable for products of small volume compared with others. The sachet peanut packaging machine can quickly measure the product and realize the unification of packaging specifications.
Doypack Peanut Packing Machine
KEFAI doypack peanut packing machine has a simple transmission system that can enhance the production speed. The doypack peanut packer machine will not let the packaging bag stick to the knife to achieve rapid cutting.
Pillow Bag Peanut Packing Machine
KEFAI pillow bag peanut packing machine is able to adjust the functions and achieve the update of technology. Besides, you can also change the bag length and width by using the pillow bag packing equipment.
High Speed Peanut Packing Machine
KEFAI high speed peanut packing machine has a human-machine interface that allows the technicians to set the specific parameters. You can feel the process speed of our high speed peanut packing equipment.
Automatic Peanut Packing Machine
KEFAI automatic peanut packing machine is capable of storing many sets of packaging recipes by means of the memory function. The packaging recipes can even be changed quickly through click the equipment button.
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Explore More Models Of Peanut Packer?

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Information about Peanut Packaging Machine

The Feedback from Our Customers

“The two weighers peanut pouch packing machine is great and has high efficiency. Without the high quality two weighers peanut pouch packing machine, I might have to take much time to finish the packaging of peanuts. Your technical support is so awesome so that I can quickly master the operation of the peanut pouch packer machines.”

——Kaleb, a client from Argentina


“It is a luck to purchase the automatic peanut packer machine, and I really like the stainless steel appearance. With the help of the peanut packer, there is no man required and much labor cost can be saved. The nuts material does not clog and runs very smoothly. Your after sales staff are so responsive. Thank you so much. ”

——Dodson, a client from Panama


“I am here to thank you for the patience during the sales process. Your sales staff is really professional and I can get the corresponding answer all the time. So far, the vffs peanut packing machine has been working very well. What’ more, the delivery speed of the vertical peanut packaging machine is very fast, too.”

——Kairo, a client from Austria

Small in Size
Small in Size
The most common peanut packaging machines are vertical types, and have quite compact structure. This design that does not take up a lot of space makes peanut packaging machines highly favored in the market.
Low Failure
Low Failure
We can assure you that our automatic peanut packers are able to be used for long hours. In the using process, the peanut packaging equipment will not produce many faults.
Our engineers adopt the 304 stainless steel to manufacture the peanut packing equipment. And the sanitary situation is able to be guaranteed due to the special material.
Broad Applicability
Broad Applicability
We can say that the peanut packaging machine can be applied to almost all packaging materials. The independent temperature PID control makes it easier to adapt to various packaging materials.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Peanut Packing Machine

Are your peanut packaging machine guaranteed?

Yes. Each one of the peanut packaging machines is produced under strict requirements. In the warranty period, we will provide the service of maintenance and replacement for quality problems caused by non-artificial reason.

What devices can the peanut packing machine be configured with?

As a matter of fact, our peanut packer machine can be configured with the following equipment: inflation device, continuous packaging device, exhaust device, punching device, spray device, coding machine, and so on.

How does your peanut packaging machine ensure that the bag is cut well?

Our peanut packer adopts high-sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking, and digitally enters the sealing and cutting position so as to make the sealing and cutting position more accurate.

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