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Introduction to Oil Filling Machine

KEFAI oil filling machine is ideal for filling a variety of oil. The oil filling machine mainly consists of magnetic cylinders, oil cylinders and electrical control components.   Moreover, our oil filler adopts a compact design with a small footprint.

The oil filling equipment enables raise production efficiency while ensuring the quality of oil products. Whether it is a semi-automatic oil dosing machine or a fully automatic one, we will try our best to make what you think come true. We would like to become your favorite oil filling machine manufacturer and hope you can think of us first when you have the need to purchase.

Your Faithful Assistant in Oil Filling

KEFAI filling machines are able to offer you the unmatched service experience. KEFAI Machine will carry out a strict quality inspection to exclude the case of defective products. We believe that we are the leading one among the oil filling machine manufacturers. KEFAI Machine always thinks the most significant point of the oil filling machine’s production is the quality. Our youthful service team can provide you with in-time responsive service to explain your doubts. We can help you solve any problems that arise during your use of the oil filling machine.

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The Most Intimate Service

KEFAIMachine oil filling machine actually has become fairly popular on the market. The entire production line about the oil filler machine is equipped with a multi-track inspection system to ensure that each product is fully qualified. We will attach great importance to the opinions of every customer. Therefore, you can put forward any comments and suggestions on the production situation of our oil dosing machine, and we guarantee that we will accept them humbly.

Don’t be afraid to interrupt us, you are allowed to consult us anytime. As a customer, you are our priority, and our service staff will reply to you as soon as they see the message.

Product Section

We are able to provide you with a full automatic filling production line to suit your needs.

Oil Bottle Filling Machine
KEFAIMachine oil bottle filling machine is able to adopt two measurement methods: constant volume filling and constant mass filling. And the two measurement methods of volume and mass can be freely converted.
Oil Filling Machine for Can
The vicious liquids like oil just needs a special filling machine to deal with this problem. KEFAI oil can filling machine is quite ideal for the sticky liquid products. The piston cylinder can also accelerate its production.
Edible Oil Filling Machine
KEFAIMachine edible oil filling machine can be used to fill many different types of cooking oil such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil, olive oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, tea oil, sunflower oil, edible plant blend oil, etc.
Mustard Oil Filling Machine
KEFAI mustard oil filling machine can be applied to containers of different specifications
Engine Oil Filling Machine
The engine oil filling machine is frequently used in chemical industry, in which gasoline is common.
Essential Oil Filling Machine
The essential oil filling machine can possess a human machine interface to handle the vicious oil products.
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Get A Free Design Scheme Now

Tell us your practical prodcution needs, and we will assign our engineers to design the equipent for you.

Information about Oil Filling Machine

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Model KF01-O
Filling volume 100-5000ml (Can be customized according to your requirements)
Filling speed 2000-2200b/h for 500ml
Filling precision 1 ml
Filling head 2/4/6/8/10(Can be customized according to your requirements)
Bottle size 40-100mm(diameter); 80-300mm (height)
Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Weight 700kg
Voltage 220V/110V; 50hz/60hz
Size 2440*1480*2610mm

Customer Feedback

” I love this oil dosing machine because it fully meets my requirements. Both small bottling filling and big bottle filling are capable of being realized. It is not difficult even to replace bottles of different sizes.”

—— Amos, a cusotmer from Denmark

“This automatic engine oil dosing machine helped our factory improve the production capacity. In this way, our products can meet the huge needs of a great number of customers.”

—— Archibald, a cusotmer from Hungary

“KEFAIMachine is a really professional producer of oil filler. They will suggest to us different models of equipment according to our different materials to suit all kinds of materials. That is so sweet of you. Thank you!”

—— Samuel, a cusotmer from Andorra

accurate metering
Accurate Metering
Our automatic oil filler is equipped with a high precision metering pump, which can ensure the accuracy of measurement. Besides, the machine to fill oil bottles adopts a pneumatic filling nozzle which is of superb quality. The length of the pneumatic filling nozzle can be extended based on the packaging materials.
KEFAI oil dosing machines can promise that the parts of this equipment which come in contact with oil products are made of 304 food grade stainless steel. It becomes so convenient for you to clean and disassemble the device. It is equipped with a portable handle so as to achieve the easy movement.
Excellent Protection
Excellent Protection
It is likely for the oil filling equipment to be exposed at high temperature for a long time, which is undoubtedly a kind of damage to the machine. However, our oil filling machines can be equipped with a cooling fan to ensure that it is in a stable state when running.
Intelligent Operation
Intelligent Operation
Our oil fillers are available in semi-automatic or fully automatic models. The operator can control the switch with the foot pedal , or set the photoelectric sensor switch. Automatic measurement, unloading, filling and other actions can all be completed at one time.

Oil Filling Machine Manufacturer:

Oil Filling Machine Manufacturer are widely used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries to fill containers with various types of oils, such as cooking oil, olive oil, and essential oils. These machines can fill containers of different shapes and sizes and handle a wide range of viscosities. In this article, we will explore the different types of Oil Filling Machine Manufacturer and their key features.

Piston Filling Machines:

Piston filling machines are commonly used for filling viscous liquids, such as oils. They consist of a cylinder and a piston, which move up and down to fill the container with the desired amount of oil. The machine’s settings allow it to fill containers of various sizes, and changing the piston stroke can control the filling volume.

Overflow Filling Machines:

Overflow filling machines are ideal for filling bottles with thin and free-flowing liquids such as cooking oil. The machine uses a filling nozzle that overflows the container to ensure a consistent fill level. This type of machine is ideal for filling bottles with a consistent fill level and can be adjusted to fill containers of different sizes.

Gravity Filling Machines:

Gravity filling machines are used for filling containers with low- to medium-viscosity oils. The machine uses gravity to fill the container with oil and can be adjusted to fill containers of different sizes. This type of machine is ideal for filling containers with oils that require gentle handling.

Rotary Filling Machines:

Rotary filling machines are used for the high-speed filling of containers with low- to medium-viscosity oils. The machine consists of a rotary table with multiple filling nozzles that move in a circular motion to fill the containers. This type of machine is ideal for high-volume production and can fill thousands of containers per hour.

Oil Filling Machine Manufacturer can be customized to fit the specific needs of a business. Additional features that can be added to Oil Filling Machine Manufacturer include automatic capping systems, which can cap the filled containers, and automatic labeling systems, which can label the filled containers.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Oil Filling Machine

How to set the oil drum filling parameters on the oil filling machine?

The oil filling equipment itself has a memory function, which can store 10 different specifications of oil drum parameters. The operator only needs to set the items on the display screen according to the specifications he wants.

What material is the oil pipe of the oil filling machine?

The oil pipes of our oil dosing machines are all 304 stainless steel corrugated pipes, which can effectively eliminate the plasticizing problem caused by traditional plastic steel wire pipes so as to ensure the safety of oil products.

How does this oil filling machine control the error of the oil filling amount?

In addition to being equipped with high-precision devices to ensure accuracy, our oil dosing machine also has a one-key error correction function, and the computer will automatically correct the amount.

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