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  • Multi Lane Stick Packing Machine
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  • Multi Lane Stick Packing Machine
  • Multi Lane Stick Packing Machine_detail1
  • Multi Lane Stick Packing Machine_detail2
  • Multi Lane Stick Packing Machine_detail3
  • Multi Lane Stick Packing Machine_detail4

Multi Lane Stick Packing Machine

  • Faster Speed: The multi-lane stick packer can realize the back-sealed stick packaging of four to ten lanes of sticks.
  • Advanced Technology: This  multi-lane stick packaging machine has not only beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, but also steady performance.
  • Intelligent System: The control system adopts PLC program control, and the man-machine interface can display the production quantity in Chinese or English languages.
  • Flexible Functions: KEFAI Machine’s automatic multi-lane stick packing system can continuously complete the work of metering, bag forming, filling, sealing, cutting, coding, counting, conveying, etc.

Product Section

Four Lanes Stick Packing Machine

The four-lane stick packaging machine can speed up the production progress. The stick pack bags made by the multi lane stick packer can be divided into right-angle and rounded bag types, which allows you to pick.

Six Lanes Stick Packing Machine

KEFAI Machine’s six lanes stick packing machine is a standard multi-lane stick packaging equipment, which is an ideal solution for packing a large number of liquid or powdered medicines and products.

Eight Lanes Stick Packing Machine

Our multifunctional multi-lane stick packaging machinery can realize the needs of customers for large-scale production. In addition, we can also customize other multi-lane packaging machines with a number of lanes

Multi lane stick packing machine can fill small bags of stick materials packed from 1g to 50g. It’s suitable for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, chemical and other industries. It can pack various materials with high-speed. In other words, the machine can cut 40 times per minute. The more lanes the machine has, the greater the output.

According to the number of lanes of the multi-lane stick packer, there can be a maximum of 10 lanes. In addition, the width of the bag film is also a factor affecting the number of machine columns. At the same time, we have liquid multi-lane packer machines, particle multi-lane packing machines and powder multi-lane packing machines according to the material distribution.

Effective Solutions

KEFAI Machine has sold multi lane stick packing machines all over the world.  In additon, we supply multi lane stick packing machinery for almost any industry. In KEFAI Machine, we design and produce fully automated multi-lane packaging machinery for any kind of product of our customers. Whether it is stick packaging or sachet packaging, or subsequent packaging production lane packaging equipment, we can provide you with it. Our goal is to continuously explore new technologies and technologies, and continuously improve and improve ourselves to manufacture better and more effective multi-lane packers to meet the needs of richer product packaging.

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Multi-Lane Stick Packing Machine2

High Production Rate

The multi-lane stick packer is driven by electricity, and it can work 24 hours a day as long as there is electricity. Through multi lanes of stick packaging, finished packaging products can be produced several times at the same time. This powerful advantage of this machine can enable your factory to produce products that are in sufficient demand in a short period of time. The slitting film system adopts rotary slitting, which is accurate in size and efficient in operation. We can help you speed up the production schedule and thus having better benefits.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Multi Lane Stick Packer

1.How to choose a more suitable multi lane stick packaging machine?
  1. Please give us the name, material, bag size and packing method of your products, then we will make a detailed plan for your reference;
  2. Please provide us with your packaging samples. They will be used in our machines, and we will take photos and videos of the packaging effect for your reference.
Is there a chance of material leakage when using multi-lane stick packing machine?

No. The vertical sealing system of our multi-lane packaging machine can make the packaging bag tightly sealed, and the packaging bag is exquisite and does not leak material.

How does the multi-lane stick packaging machine control the feeding?

The feeding device of the multi-lane stick packaging machine is controlled by a separate servo motor for each screw.

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