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Introduction to Mayonnaise Packing Machine

Mayonnaise packing machine has a wide range of applications and can pack various pastes and semi-fluid materials such as ketchup, chili sauce, soy sauce, shampoo, seasoning sauce, etc. The automatic mayonnaise packing packer uses various composite films, OPP films, aluminized films, printed films and other packaging materials.

KEFAIMachine’s mayonnaise packer machine is simple and the intelligent system can be used. You only need to click on the set value on the touch screen with your finger to start the mayonnaise packer so as to start working. The use of KEFAIMachine’s fully automatic mayonnaise packing system can effectively increase production output, and can obtain great benefits in a short period of time.

Prominent Solutions for Mayonnaise Packaging

KEFAImachine mayonnaise packers are exported to cities around the world, with reliable quality and stable use, and are loved by customers. We carefully make packaging machine products and focus on making the best packaging results for our customers. We can go from understanding customer needs, signing a contract to the engineering department’s plan to confirm the production of the machine, after layers of inspection and commissioning, and finally package and ship it quickly after the inspection is correct.

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Automatic Working

The vertical automatic mayonnaise packing machine adopts a pneumatic system of cylinders to push the piston to reciprocate, thereby driving the one-way valve to open and close the feeding method. The purpose of precise flow control, automatic metering and automatic filling can be achieved by adjusting the piston stroke. Not only that, the mayonnaise paste packaging machine also has an automatic counting function, which can automatically pull the packaging film, automatic heat sealing, and automatic coding and marking functions. It is an ideal paste filling and packaging machinery for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, daily chemical and pesticide chemical industries.

Product Section

KEFAIMachine’s mayonnaise packing packing solution can easily meet your needs.

15g Mayonnaise Packing Machine
Our mayonnaise packing machine can be customized to connect the production line. KEFAI's mayonnaise packaging machinery is durable and runs smoothly when it has high-quality accessories.
100g Mayonnaise Packing Machine
The mayonnaise packer machine can be easily operated and used. The bag-former can be customized to better form the film into a bag, so as to achieve a good bag-making effect.
500g Mayonnaise Packing Machine
The 500g mayonnaise packer has high work efficiency so that it can realize the production requirements of the factory in time in accordance with our customers' needs.
High Speed Mayonnaise Packing Machine
This is an automatic packaging machine for mayonnaise with high speed. High-speed packaging machinery is different from standard packaging machines, it adopts localized high-performance dual-frequency conversion PLC control system.
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Information about Mayonnaise Packing Machine

What Our Customers Say

“Unexpectedly, this KEFAI mayonnaise packer can meet our production needs well. Thanks to this economical packing machine for mayonnaise, our production output has been increased. I have recommended KEFAI’s machine to my colleagues and friends.”

—— Mr. Ford, a customer from USA



“KEFAIMachine’s mayonnaise packaging equipment has excellent performance, which can bring faster efficiency and better benefits to the production and packaging of mayonnaise products in our factory. Kefaimachine’s packing machine is very easy to use, I hope everyone will come to buy KEFAImachine’s machine.”

—— Mr. Angus, a customer from Australia



“Kefaimachines mayonnaise packing machine adopts a measuring cup volume measurement, cutting and filling method, which is not only accurate in filling, but also easy to clean. After using it, we found that the packaging effect is also very good-looking.”

—— Mr. Edison, a customer from Berlin

Easy to Clean
Easy to Clean
The automatic mayonnaise packing machine is equipped with a detachable all stainless steel filling head, which is convenient to disassemble and clean the machine in order to replace the material.
Good Sealing
Good Sealing
The sealing device of the mayonnaise packing equipment uses a constant temperature heat sealing cutter, which can effectively avoid the undesirable effect of crimping at the sealing position.
Professional Production
Professional Production
KEFAI has professional technical engineers who can perfectly realize a series of steps from the design, polishing, milling, assembly, wiring, testing and inspection of mayonnaise packaging machines, wrapping, and shipping without errors.
The operation method of making bags first and then filling is adopted. The filling port goes directly into the inside of the packaging bag, which can effectively avoid material spilling out and ensure that the weight of each bag of products is consistent.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Mayonnaise Packing Machine


What is the size of the packaging bag made by the mayonnaise packing machine?

The finished product bag size of the mayonnaise packaging machinery is from 30mm to 180mm in length and from 15mm to 110mm in width.

What is the packaging speed of the mayonnaise packing machines?

The packaging speed of standard automatic mayonnaise packers can reach 40 bags to 60 bags per minute. The packaging speed of high-speed mayonnaise packaging machines will be faster.

What are the operation steps of the mayonnaise packaging machine?

First, you need to install the consumable film on the fixing rod, and then turn on the air compressor switch. Next, put the mayonnaise or other materials that need to be packaged into the hopper, and finally set the packaging capacity. If you don’t know much about the detailed operation, you can ask our customer service staff. We will reply as soon as possible.

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