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KEFAI packaging machines have been in great demand in the packaging machine market. As a professional flow wrapping machine manufacturer, KEFAI machine has always been sincere and loyal to our customers. We hold that your satisfaction is our greatest success and the best support for us. The abundant experience in the market has given us a solid understanding of your needs. We promise that you are bound to get a reasonable and satisfactory offer from us. Our flow wrap machine price is the most favorable. Your expense will be reduced a lot so that you can make more earnings. Worry-free after-sales, one-year warranty, and lifetime online technical support are all you can get. In addition, this is just a part of our service, come and buy to enjoy more discounts.

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Product Description

KEFAI horizontal packaging machine is a kind of horizontal bag making, filling and sealing machine, which is widely used in food, medicine and other industries. Horizontal packing machine is also known as flow wrap machine and pillow packing machine.

KEFAI machine has a complete set of special customization service for you. All kinds of size, production capacity about the horizontal packing machine are up to you. If there is a problem with the installation of the flow wrap packing equipment, please contact us at any time, and we will instantly solve it for you.

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Solve Your Potential Problems

KEFAI Machine has set a series of matched systems to meet your needs. It is natural for you to be worried about the after-sales problem before receiving the machine. KEFAI Machine is committed to helping you deal with any problem in the machine you purchase. As for the operation of the horizontal packing machine, we will have special personnel to help you. In general, our horizontal flow wrap packing machines are guaranteed within one year and important parts are replaced within two years. Besides, a free technical support for life can also be provided to you.

Product By Material (3)

  • Powder Horizontal Packing Machine

    KEFAI powder horizontal packing machine is compatible with different types of preformed pouches and the packaging has a good looking. Besides, the temperature change can be seen clearly so that the operator can effectively control the heat sealing system. Also, the packaging of the powder products will have a better effect.

  • Liquid Horizontal Packing Machine

    KEFAI liquid horizontal packing machine can be used to package lots of liquid products including liquid washing detergent, shampoo, duck sauce, beverage, soy sauce, marinara sauce, and so on. This horizontal form fill and seal packaging machine is equipped with an upgraded PLC system so that it has become much easier to operate and control.

  • Granule Horizontal Packing Machine

    KEFAI granule horizontal packing machine is usually applied in the packaging of granule sugar, granule medicine, pet drugs, seeds, hardware, etc. The horizontal ffs machine is a high-speed solution for granular products. In addition, the whole body of our granule horizontal packing machine is stainless steel structure, which is convenient to wash.

Product By Bag Shape (3)

Distinguished Characteristics

Variety of Choice
Variety of Choice
Our horizontal form fill seal machines can be packed in doypack zipper bags, three side seal bags, four side seal bags, stand up bag and irregular bags, etc.
Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly
The closed design makes it not possible to let dust and other impurity come inside. Therefore, there is no pollution to harm the environment. Besides, our horizontal packaging machine adopts recyclable single materials.
KEFAI automatic horizontal packaging machine is able to detect whether the bag is open. If the bag is opened, the horizontal pouch packing machine will not seal it. In this way, lots of waste is able to be avoided and plenty of cost can be saved, too.
Great Mobility
Great Mobility
For some heavier machines, it is very tiring to simply rely on people to move them. Given this in mind, our horizontal packing machines can install wheels for easy movement and transport on the road.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Horizontal Packaging Machine

Is the horizontal form fill seal machine energy efficient?

Yes. The parts of the horizontal wrapping machine we adopt are the known brand in the world, not to mention energy saving.

What costs can your horizontal packer reduce?

In addition to labor costs, our horizontal ffs machine is capable of reducing product damage and waste, material inventory and packaging costs.

Are your horizontal form fill and seal packaging machine user-friendly?

Yes. Our horizontal packaging machines are equipped with intelligent touch screen, in which the navigation page will give you directions to operate.

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