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Honey Stick Packing Machine

Advanced Technology: KEFAIMachine uses brand new technology to manufacture brand new honey stick packer machines, which are ahead of other packaging machine industries and bring more benefits to customers.

Energy Saving: The automatic honey stick packers can effectively reduce production costs, strictly control undesirable waste in the production process, and truly save energy and reduce consumption to improve production efficiency.

Beautiful Appearance: Honey stick packaging machine adopts imported spraying technology and the stainless steel body is more corrosion-resistant.

Accurate Packaging Weight: The honey packer adopts cylinder stroke measurement, and the weight error of each bag is less than 0.3%.

Product Section

5g Honey Stick Packing Machine

The fuselage is made of food-grade stainless steel 304 material to ensure that the packaged products are kept clean and the honey stick packer has a long life.

10g Honey Stick Packing Machine

The 10g honey stick packing machine uses servo motor and servo drive to pull the film which can make the film slide accurately and the performance is stable.

15g Honey Stick Packing Machine

This 15g honey stick packing machine is an automatic and noiseless packaging device at work, which is capable of improving the stability of the working state.

Honey stick packing machine is suitable for food, medicine, chemistry, and daily necessities industries. In addition to honey, the packaging machine can also pack small bags of other materials like shampoo, cooking oil, cream, ketchup, sauce, ketchup, and other food, chemical, cosmetic liquids or pastes. For any roll film or materials, it can be used for bagging and packaging.

KEFAI Machine’s honey stick packers have excellent performance. Among them, the functions of automatic bagging, bag making, metering, filling, sealing, bag cutting, etc. The honey stick packaging equipment be automatically completed by these machines alone. The honey stick packing system does not require labor to work, which greatly saves the labor cost of the factory.

Top Option for Honey Stick Packing

KEFAIMachine has a wealth of technical support, supports one-stop procurement, and implements independent equipment research and development and manufacturing. KEFAI Machine has a strong reputation for foreign trade exports, and we have conducted trading cooperation with many customers and distributors at home and abroad. What’s more, we are not satisfied with the status quo. Based on regular after-sales visits to purchasing customers, we will further optimize and develop based on customer feedback and suggestions. In general, choosing KEFAI Machine’s honey stick packers will make your industry more effective with half the effort.

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Quality Guaranteed

KEFAI Machine’s honey strip packaging machine has the details in place and has good quality. All automatic honey bar packaging machines can be used in packaging assembly line production. We also strictly implement the assembly process in accordance with European and American standards. Every machine we produce will go through a number of quality inspections before shipment. As a powerful source factory, a honey packaging machine with CE certification will definitely allow you to use it with confidence. We only make high-quality machines. I believe our high-quality honey stick packers will bring you better benefit

The Frequently Asked Questions about Honey Stick Packaging Machine

Is the operation of the honey stick packaging system complicated?

No, it is not too complicated to use. Our factory engineers will help adjust and arrange the parts that need to be debugged in advance. After the logistics is shipped, the honey stick packer will be able to be used normally when it is turned on.

If the honey stick packer machine is broken, will there be after-sales service to solve it?

Yes, our honey stick packing machines have one-year quality assurance and lifetime after-sales maintenance. Our technicians are enthusiastic and professional, and will definitely solve your problem related to honey stick packer machine perfectly.

How long is the life of the honey stick packaging machine?

The feedback from one of our customers who purchased our honey stick packaging machine said that he has used the machine for five years without any problem. In other words, our honey stick packing machinery has a long service life, you can rest assured that you can buy it.

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