Honey Sachet Packing Machine

Introduction to Honey Sachet Packing Machine

KEFAIMachine honey sachet packing machine is able to fulfill your small dosing needs for honey. Honey packages from 1 gram to 15 grams can be handled properly by our honey sachet packaging machines. Moreover, the honey sachet packing machine is widely applied to food industry.

As a honey sachet packing machine factory, we assure you that we can directly supply you with each honey sachet packaging device. Our honey sachet packer allows you to change the packing speed. We can deliver the goods to you quickly even if the order is large.

Powerful Production Strength

KEFAI Machine adheres to technology standards and provides our clients with the high quality equipment and service. The automatic honey sachet packing machine is controlled by the smart touch screen to make the operation easier. We promise that all products we sell will seldom have big failure problems. Moreover, our expert after sales team is always there to offer the best solutions for your personal issues. So far, we have cooperated with more than 500 clients and suppliers, which is the best proof of our foreign trade strength.

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Intelligent System Process

KEFAImachine honey sachet packaging machine adopts good quality parts and accessories of the world-know brands. The honey sachet packing machines are equipped with the intelligent circuit board so as to realize the programming control of the main circuit. In addition, the honey sachet packing equipment is able to monitor the operation situation in real time.

That is to say, almost every abnormal condition related to the circuit is capable of being fixed as long as the PLC circuit is running. Therefore, the flexible operation of the honey sachet packaging machine is also available.

Product Section

KEFAImachine honey sachet packing machine provides you with the worry-free service.

1g Honey Sachet Packing Machine
KEFAI 1g honey sachet packing machine is full of high toughness and long service life.
5g Honey Sachet Packing Machine
KEFAI 5g honey sachet packing machine is equipped with double water pipes for fast feeding.
10g Honey Sachet Packing Machine
KEFAI 10g honey sachet packing machine can track the film color block to prevent the film deviation.
15g Honey Sachet Packing Machine
KEFAI 15g honey sachet packing machine can quickly finish the work after setting the workload.
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Information about Honey Sachet Packing Machine

The Feedback from Our Customers

“Kefai 5g honey sachet packing machine is exactly in line with our needs. With the help of your honey sachet packaging machine, our sachet packaging for honey has achieved the rapid increase of production efficiency. So we are very grateful for your providing of the outstanding honey sachet packaging machine.”

—— Cohen, a client from Italy


“I have bought the 1g honey sachet packing machine and it has become more and popular. Especially in the restaurants, there is also a huge demand for 1g honey sachet package. Each honey package is packaged in great shape and wonderful sealing. ”

—— Maximiliano, a client from Iceland


“Thanks for your positive response for my consultation. After the correct debugging, my automatic 15g honey sachet packaging machine still runs very smoothly. Your efficiency is extraordinary! I am hoping to have another cooperation with you.  ”

—— Karson, a client from Ukraine

Honey is definitely a kind of material which contains thickness and viscosity. This is the reason why honey sachets are easy to adhere to each other. But, our honey sachet packing machine is sealed by roller, which is contributes to the reduction of sachet reduction.
Quick Temperature Control
Quick Temperature Control
KEFAI honey sachet packaging machine is equipped with a dual temperature control system. It means that There are two sets of heating systems and each heating plate is controlled by a heating system. If one heat strip is broken, the other one still heats up.
Unlimited Coding
Unlimited Coding
With our honey sachet packing machine, you are able to achieve the freedom of arbitrary coding. Ribbon tracking coding machine can be configured to help you code on a variety of packaging bags. No matter what the packaging material is, the coder of the honey sachet packaging equipment can code on it.
The honey sachet packaging machine is made of 304 stainless steel material that does not cause influence to food or other types of products. In other words, KEFAI honey sachet packaging equipment conforms to the production sanitary requirements and can be applied to food, medica industry, etc..

The Frequently Asked Questions about Honey Sachet Packing Machine

What is your honey sachet packing machine composed of?

The honey sachet packer is composed of these six main parts: bag former, pumping tube, hopper mixer, double-bar liquid pump, end seal cutting devices, and Chinese and English touch control screens. It should be noted that the configuration will vary from model to model, you can get the most suitable model for you by consulting us.

Can we see the honey sachet packing machine factory?

Yes. Every one of you is welcome to visit the honey sachet packer machine factory if you like. We are pleasured to receive the advice from our clients.

Can you provide the customization of honey sachet packing machine?

Yes. KEFAI Machine is capable of researching and developing the honey sachet packers. Therefore, it is not a problem to customize one for you.

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