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Glass Bottle Filling Machine

  • Strong Versatility: The glass bottles filling machine can be applied to various industries and the filling of various items. It has a wide range of applications and can greatly improve efficiency.
  • Refuse to Drip: The filling nozzle of the automatic glass bottle filling machine has a built-in multi-layer seal, which can effectively prevent the drip.
  • Wear-Resistant: The automatic glass bottle filling equipment uses an iron plate conveyor belt, which can transport glass bottles smoothly on the production line without pouring.
  • Quick to Use: KEFAI glass bottle filling machinery has a PLC touch-screen control system, which adopts a touch operation panel.

Product Section

Glass Bottle Liquid Filling Machine

The glass bottle filling machine for liquid or paste can be controlled by an electric eye to stably transport the glass bottle. With the back-end program, efficiency will be accelerated.

Glass Bottle Powder Filling Machine

It is very important to have an excellent powder glass bottle treatment equipment. Its high work efficiency and low cost can be very effective in helping the production needs of the factory.

Glass Bottle Granule Filling Machine

This machine can filling granular materials in glass bottles, PET bottles, PE bottles, jars, cans, etc. This is a powerful machine, which can save time, effort and materials and is popular with people.

Semi Automatic Glass Bottle Filling Machine

The cost price of semi-automatic glass bottle filling machines will be cheaper than that of fully automatic filling machines. For a small business, the semi automatic glass bottle filling machine is a good choice.

3 in 1 Glass Bottle Filling Machine

KEFAI three-in-one fully automatic glass bottle filling machine includes the following three functions:  flushing, filling, and capping. The 3 in 1 glass bottle filling machine can realize a full set production line.

Glass bottle filling machine is suitable for various industries, such as food and beverage industry, winery industry, etc. This machine can fill glass bottles of any size and height, with extremely high compatibility.

KEFAI’s glass bottle filling machine can be connected to the capping machine for use. The glass bottle filling and capping machine is able to speed up the production process is a good helper for people to fill and produce. We have many types of glass bottle filling machines. If you don’t know how to choose the appropriate machine, please browse the next introduction to various types of our filling machines. If you still have questions, please come to consult us.


Leader in Glass Bottle Filling

KEFAI Machine specializes in the production of fully automatic filling machine equipment and has a complete quality management system. Our integrity and strength have won praise from customers all over the world, and we have a certain good reputation in the industry. With mature technology, scientific management, stable product quality and fast and thoughtful service, we provide our customers with the most complete supporting solutions. I believe you will be satisfied with us and our fully automatic glass bottle filling machines. KEFAI welcomes you to ask us about the best solutions for filling machines and packaging machines.

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Excellent Product Quality

KEFAI guarantees that the automatic glass bottle filling machines we provide are brand new, and we all use reasonable 304 or 316 stainless steel manufacturing materials in the production process, which perfectly meets the quality, specifications and performance of the product. We grasp every detail in every production process and try our best to do our best every step of the way. I believe you will be able to discover the care and seriousness of our manufacturing process when you see our automatic filling machines for glass bottles.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Glass Bottle Filling Machine

What is the filling accuracy of the automatic glass bottle filling machine?

The filling accuracy of our automatic glass bottle filler machine is about ±5%. The specific situation depends on the material.

Is your glass bottle filling machines suitable for filling other bottles?

Yes. This filling system has strong compatibility. In addition to filling round, square, and special-shaped glass bottles, the machine can also fill round, square, and special-shaped PET plastic bottles, as well as other jars of various sizes.

Can you arrange a complete filling line for me?

Yes, we can provide a complete filling line solution, including capping machine, labeling machine, bottle management machine, cartoning machine and other equipment, and these equipment can be purchased at KEFAI, which can save you the time you are looking for.

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