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Introduction to Gel Filling Machine

Gel filling machine is suitable for the filling of liquid gel materials such as pharmaceutical gynaecological gels, medical repair gels, capsule gels and so on. This gel filling machine has good performance and full functions, and has a clever filling design that is enough to accurately fill the gel into various containers.

KEFAI’s gel filling machine has many advantages. For example, it is accurate without dripping. In addition, we provide a full set of gel filling machine solutions for customers. Our filling machine has a variety of certifications, so that customers have no worries.

Strong Strength & Excellent Technology

KEFAI is an excellent supplier of gel filling machines. We produce all gel filling and sealing machines independently. And we use our strength and quality to bring customers the best practical production help. Our gel filling machines have passed ISO9001 quality management certification and have CE certificates to ensure that the quality of the machines is reliable and stable. KEFAI loves to explore innovative technologies and strive for excellence. We are willing to be an ingenious enterprise dedicated to serving customers. KEFAI can do much more than that, we promise here that it will carefully make production machines and protect your safety.

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A Wide Range of Models

We provide a variety of gel filling machine styles, from the filling method, the degree of automation or according to the suitable industry can be classified into a variety of types of gel filling machines. You can ask us for more details about the gel filling machinery. Then we will choose a suitable gel filling equipment for you according to your needs and your actual situation. In addition to the standard products in stock, we can also support customized services of making a special gel filler. You can tell us your specific requirements, and we will try our best to design and manufacture the most suitable and satisfactory gel filling machine for you.

Product Section

KEFAI cares about every detail of the gel filler and is obsessed with good quality.

Manual Gel Filling Machine
It is a small piston type aseptic filling machine for gel which is easy to operate. In addition, this manual filling machine can fill 5ml to 50ml of gel.
Automatic Gel Filling Machine
The fully automatic gel filling machine has a servo motor applied to control the loading system to ensure the loading difference is accurate.
Gel Capsule Filling Machine
The gel capsule filler machine is a high-tech product integrating gas and mechatronics, and it is the most complete and ideal filling equipment for manufacturing gel capsules.
Gel Polish Filling Machine
The liquid gel dosing machine is small in size and does not take up space. This gel polish filling machine is easy to use and suitable for all kinds of people.
Cosmetic Gel Filling Machine
The cosmetic gel dosing machine is a piece of ideal equipment for filling and sealing plastic tubes and composite tubes in cosmetics industry.
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Handle Viscous Paste Easily

Trust KEFAI, we will be the most powerful helper in dealing with liquids of stickiness.

Information about Gel Filling Machine

Customer Reviews

“The automatic gel filling equipment is very accurate and there is no error in filling. The operation of the gel deodorant filler machine is very simple, and there is no need to worry about the wrong operation of the machine. If there is an error, it will automatically stop the job and issue a warning.”

—— Mr. Duke, a customer from Portugal


“The customized gel filling machine has very complete functions, which is very pleasing to me. This automatic gel filling and sealing machine is very easy to use, and we have already used it for normal production in the factory.”

—— Mr. Ethan, a customer from Switzerland


“I have to give KEFAI’s hand sanitizer gel filling machine a good review. The performance is very excellent, and the price is cheap and affordable. I highly recommend buying KEFAI’s automatic filling machine for gel.”

—— Mr. Caleb, a customer from Iceland

Easy to Replace
Easy to Replace
The gel filling machine is able to change parts accessories quickly and accurately and has easily removable components. That is why it is easy to use and maintain.
Cheap Price
Cheap Price
The gel filling machine price is reasonable and cheap enough to make it affordable for the customer. Among the many gel filling machine manufacturers, our machine must be the one with the best value for money.
Stable Structure
Stable Structure
The machine has a stable structure and a small footprint, which saves site costs. At the same time, it is equipped with well-known brand electrical appliances and has a long service life.
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
The quality of the gel filling machine with hopper type is excellent. The pump head is made of food grade SS304/316 stainless steel and PEEK anticorrosive materials which can effectively protect product quality.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Gel Dosing Machine

Can I take a look at your gel filling machines production workshop?

Of course. You can see our CNC lathe processing, laser cutting processing site, assembly workshop, finished product warehouse, etc. You can visit in person, we can also provide photos for you.

What is the filling accuracy of the gel filling machine?

The filling accuracy of the gel filler machine is within the tolerance ≤±0.5%.

Can the automatic gel filler be connected to other machines into a production line?

Yes, the gel filler can be integrated with machinery related to the capping function and used as a gel filling line. We are equipped with various automation models to choose from, which can speed up and improve production efficiency.

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