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Introduction to Fertilizer Packing Machine

Fertilizer packing machine is used for quantitative packaging of powdery granular materials with good fluidity such as grain, rice seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, food and other industries. Fertilizer packaging machines are not easily restricted by packaging containers, and are suitable for use in situations where material varieties and packaging specifications often change.

KEFAIMachine’s fertilizer packers have a wide range of applications. Our fetilizer packer machine can replace manual packaging and quickly replace the specifications of packaging bags, and meet the hygiene standards of food processing machinery. The fertilizer packaging machine contains a standard detection device and frequency conversion adjustment, which is very convenient to operate.

Expert in Fertilizer Packing

KEFAI Machine is a packaging machinery manufacturer specializing in the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of fertilizer packer machines. Our professional technical engineers have more than ten years of experience in the packaging industry. Today, KEFAI Machine’s technical team has developed a variety of fertilizer packaging machinery, which is popular in many cities at home and abroad. KEFAI Machine will continue to play its own advantages in talent, technology, market, customers and other aspects, and strive to become the world’s first-class fertilizer packaging machinery enterprise brand manufacturer. I hope our fertilizer packers can provide the best help to your industry production.

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Humanized Design

Our fertilizer packaging machine can be equipped with photoelectric induction automatic tangent and sewing functions. When the packaging volume changes, the automatic adjustment of the height of the conveyor is very convenient. The sewing machine can automatically cut the thread, and the sealing operation is very easy. At the same time, the conveyor has an automatic lifting and adjusting function, which is very user-friendly. The conveyor of our fertilizer packaging machine is equipped with a back-cutting switch. For packaging with suture defects, it will be returned for secondary suture.

Product Section

KEFAI Machine provides customers with a high-quality fertilizer packing machine and  make the buyers worry-free.

10kg Fertilizer Packing Machine
The 10kg fertilizer packaging machine has fine workmanship, rich variety and high precision, and we support the customization of special fertilizer packaging machines for customers.
25kg Fertilizer Packing Machine
The 25kg automatic fertilizer packaging machine is used in the automatic quantitative packaging of industrial and agricultural automated production.
50kg Fertilizer Packing Machine
The design of the double weighing barrel is at least 1.5 times faster than the production speed of a single scale. The movable design makes it easy to move the equipment.
Big Bag Fertilizer Packing Machine
This is a large dose packaging machine for fertilizers. You can use this packaging equipment to fill fertilizers with big bags and then seal it automatically.
Premade Pouch Fertilizer Packing Machine
The premade pouch fertilizer packer is suitable for packaging that has been bagged. It is suitable for a variety of bag types, including stand-up bags, gusseted bags, etc.
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Information about Fertilizer Packing Machine

The Feedback from Our Customers

“The control system of Kefai Machine fertilizer packaging machine uses brand sensors, which have small errors and low failure rates. Thanks for KEFAI to suggest me such a wonderful fertilizer filling sealing machine.”

—— Mr. Jill, a customer from the United Kingdom


“KEFAI Machine’s fertilizer packaging machine is multi-purpose and can pack many kinds of materials. A conveyor can also be added to make it easier to collect products. I really love this efficient fertilizer filling and sealing machine.”

—— Mr. Gilbert, a customer from USA


“KEFAI Machine’s organic fertilizer packer machine has a wide range of models, and a variety of styles can be selected. It can also be used with other machines to form an organic fertilizer packaging production line. There are many options. After being introduced by your professionals, we have a suitable fertilizer packaging line.”

—— Mr. Allen, a customer from Italy

Precise Measurement
Precise Measurement
The fertilizer packing system adopts imported high-precision sensors and highly intelligent weighing controllers, so it has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy and stable performance.
Safe Design
Safe Design
The pneumatic components, electrical appliances, and instruments of the fertilizer packing machines are all safely protected to ensure the equipment and effectively protect personal safety.
Reliable Work
Reliable Work
KEFAI fertilizer packaging equipment adopts imported pneumatic actuators. The inlet and outlet pressure of the cylinder can be adjusted arbitrarily, which making the work more reliable, stable and pollution-free.
Long Service Life
Long Service Life
The parts in contact with the material are made of imported stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food hygiene. In particular, it can resist corrosion, thereby extending the service life of the equipment.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Fertilizer Packing Machine

Can there be no dust when using fertilizer packaging machinery?

Yes. For materials that are easy to dust, KEFAI Machine has uniquely designed a dust removal interface or a vacuum device that can be set at the interface of the cloth bag to effectively prevent dust from rising.

What is the packing speed of your fertilizer packing machine?

In general, the 5kg -25kg fertilizer packaging machine can pack about 7 bags to 10 bags per minute.

What is the volume of the material granary of the fertilizer packaging machine?

The material inlet of the standard fertilizer packaging solution is 1m*1m, and the material granary can customize the size according to customer needs.

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