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KEFAI Machine can give you a suitable packing solution for coffee beans, coffee powder and drip coffee.

Introduction to Coffee Packaging Machine

The coffee packaging machines are multifunctional equipment that can pack various forms of coffee, such as coffee beans or ground coffee, into various types of containers, such as sachets, bags, k cups, or capsules. Coffee packing machine is an indispensable and important equipment for coffee packaging manufacturers.

KEFAI coffee packing machine is known for their excellent performance and reliability, and are an excellent choice for all kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises. Coffee producers are using this coffee filling machine to simplify their packaging process and provide the best coffee products to their customers.

KEFAI Machine is a coffee packing machine supplier, we are committed to providing high-quality coffee packaging solutions. Our machines pay attention to the specific needs of all customers. No matter what kind of coffee packing equipment you need, KEFAI can provide you with a series of solutions for you to choose from. If you have any specific questions, or you want to know more about our coffee packaging system, please feel free to ask, we will be happy to help you.

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Reasonable Price

KEFAI’s coffee packaging machines offer the most competitive prices. Enable more companies to obtain high-quality coffee packaging equipment at low investment costs. In addition, KEFAI’s coffee filling and packing machines provide an excellent price/performance ratio. The price of KEFAI Machine is affordable, and the quality and performance of the machine are guaranteed. All in all, KEFAI’s coffee packaging machine price is reasonable.

Product Section

KEFAI can give you the best way to pack coffee.

KEFAI Quad Bag Coffee Bean Packing Machine
KEFAI coffee bean packing machine can package coffee beans in quad pouches. The packaging speed of this coffee bag packing machine can reach 10 packs to 60 packs per minute.
KEFAI Coffee Powder Packing Machine
KEFAI automatic sachet packing machine can package coffee powder products into various side-sealed sachets, including three-side and four-side seals.
KEFAI Coffee Stick Packing Machine
KEFAI instant coffee packing machine is a device that used to pack instant coffee into stick bags. The stick packing machine can also add a rounded corner cutting device.
Drip Coffee Packing Machine
KEFAI drip coffee bag packing machine has a high speed and it can package coffee powder so quickly. It can pack more than 150 packs of products per minute.
Coffee Capsules Filling Machine
The coffee k cup filling machine is used for coffee pod packaging. This coffee capsule packing machine includes the function of automatically filling coffee and then sealing it.
KEFAI Coffee Candy Blister packaging Machine
The coffee candy packaging machine packs kopiko products in blister packaging, which can effectively protect and display kopiko coffee candy blister pack.
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Your Best Coffee Packaging Expert

KEFAI can give you some coffee packaging solutions that suit your production of coffee.

Information about Automatic Coffee Packing Machine

The Feedback from Our Customers

“The coffee machine with bags from KEFAIMACHINE helps me a lot. This automatic packaging machine is multifunctional and smart which can perfectly package coffee products. In addition, the pouch coffee machine takes up little space, so we bought ten small bag packaging machines at once. I hope we can cooperate for a long time.

——Aron, a client from American


“I find many 1kg coffee powder packing machine manufacturers, but only KEFAI Machine suggests me a great coffee production line that provides us with excellent efficiency and accuracy. I am so satisfied with these machines and the coffee powder packing machine price is also cheap. Thank you so much.”

——Leo, a client from Germany


“We purchased KEFAI Machine’s k cup filling and sealing machine for coffee. The level of automation of the k cup filling machine is impressive, and we can now fill and seal our coffee capsules at a higher speed and on a larger production scale. Our customers are also very satisfied with the new coffee cup packaging.”

——Max, a client from Canada

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Ensure Coffee Quality
The use of coffee packaging machinery ensures the freshness of various coffee products and can be stored for a longer time.
intelligent control system
Control System
These coffee packing machines are equipped with a control panel or man-machine interface. The operator controls the packaging process and monitors machine performance by setting parameters.
High efficiency
High Efficiency
The coffee bagger itself has the advantage of high efficiency, which is enough to accelerate the demand for rapid production in the factory. Using coffee packer machines can speed up coffee production and increase production.
Quick Adjustment
In order to adapt to various packaging sizes and types, coffee packaging machines are usually adjustable. This flexibility is one of the important features of the packaging machine.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Coffee Packaging Solutions

What is the working principle of the coffee bag packaging machine?

The automatic coffee packaging machine working principle is generally the automatic steps of coffee powder feeding, filling coffee, sealing packaging, and sorting.

How to choose a coffee packets machine that suits your coffee production needs?

When choosing coffee packaging equipment, consider your production scale, packaging method, budget, and other needs. You can tell our professional customer service staff about your needs, and we will design the most suitable coffee packaging solution for you based on your ideas.

Can the drip coffee packaging machine adapt to different coffee powder grinding levels?

Yes, drip coffee packaging machines can usually adapt to coffee powder of different grinding levels to meet different flavors and preparation needs.

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