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The chips packaging machine is applicable to puffed food, crisp rice, potato chips, snacks, candy, pistachios, sugar, apple slices, dumplings, chocolate, pet food, small items and other high precision, fragile materials packaging, etc.

KEFAI Machine has devices specially suitable for the packaging of chips. Not only the quality is guaranteed, but also the service is quite in place. So, please feel free to choose KEFAI Machine and buy our chips packer machine!

The Brand of Great Credit

KEFAI Machine is full of craftsmanship, continuous innovation, and aims to be a good conscience seller of chips packer equipment. KEFAI Machine has been the major well-known enterprises to provide a full range of chips packaging solutions.

KEFAI Machine sets research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, maintenance services in one. We are extremely proficient in the production of chips packaging equipment. Get in touch with KEFAI customer service staff right now. We are looking forward to your contact.
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More Packaging Styles

A variety of packaging bags are available for KEFAI chips packaging machine, including pillow bags, corner folding bags, hanging hole bags, flat bags, stand-up pouches, block bottom bags, and so on. In addition,  our chips packer machines are able to supply you with a novel design and sophisticated technology packaging.

Those packaging bags are widely used, and most of them are prefabricated bags made of multi-layer composite film, silicon, aluminum foil, PE, PP and other materials. Moreover, the automatic chips packer can also be applied to pack product such as potato chips, banana chips, biscuits, etc.

Product Section

We aim to be your uniquie choice for chips packaging.

Multi-head Weighing and Packaging Machine for Chips
It is a fully automatic chips packing machine. You only need to put the potato chips into the potato chips packing machine feeder, set the volume on the touch screen.
Chain Granule Chips Packing Machine
This semi auto chain granule packing machine can realize automatic feeding, accurate measuring and weighing. It can reduce the input of labor cost for factories.
Chips Packing Machine with Nitrogen
The phenomenon of a chip bag filling with air is called slack fill. This is to allow enough space to protect the chips and reduce the damage caused by collisions during delivery.
Chips Pouch Packing Machine
Pillow bag is usually packaged for chips. Besides, stand-up pouches are also a good choice for packing chips. The bags can be filled with nitrogen to ensure quality and taste.
Chips Can Packing Machine
Chips can be Packed in cylindrical canister. Unlike bags of potato chips, paper cans are easier to handle. And the pull-out method is also convenient to eat.
Chips Carton Packing Machine
Firstly, the potato chips are packaged into a bag at one time, and then the multi-bag potato chips are packaged in a rectangular carton after the second packaging.
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Getting More Information?

KEFAI Machine will put forward a series of schemes to reach your specific requirements. Get in touch now to obtain the guidance of our professional engineer.

Information about Chips Packing Machine

The Feedback from Our Customers

“I love this banana chips packaging machine very much. The chips packing machine price is not too expensive. The price in the range of my budget. Besides, Kefai Machine also has very good pre -sales and after-sales service, I have to be very satisfied with it and must give a good comment.”

——Adonis, a customer in the United States


“We bought a packaging machinery at KEFAI Machine. This 300g chips packing machine cost not too much. KEFAI machines also have a high cost performance ratio. After comparing many suppliers, we still choose KEFAI packaging machines.”

——Kevin, a cusomer in Australia


“It is unbelieveable to get such a product both attrative in price and quality. The vffs potato packing machine has the performance which is out of my expectation”
——William, a customer in the United Kingdom
Artistic Look Design
A good-looking packaging is the key to selling products. The first thing customers see is packaging. Having a good-looking and attractive packaging is one step ahead of other peers to a certain extent.
High Speed
High Speed
We have advanced technical support. The speed of the machine can reach up to 40 bags per minute. At the same time, the machinery’s speed is adjustable, you can set the speed of packaging products need.
Highly Efficient
Highly Efficient
We can equipped with two-head scales, four-head scales, ten-head scales, or fourteen-head scales according to your needs. The multiple head scales weigh precisely and work efficiently.
KEFAI Machine supports the customization service of chips packers. Tell us your needs like what functions do you what, which size do you like, and we will try to manufacture the chip packer for you.

You May Want to Know More

KEFAI Machine guarantees the long-term interests of customers. Contact our team to get more information about our packaging systems.
What about the speed of the chips wrapper machinery?
The chips packer mchine can complete 10-70 bags per min. Depending on the packaging shape and the material, and the speed will vary. For specific details of your chip packer machine, please consult our customer service staff.
How can potato chips be packaged without breaking?
Different types of potato chips have different properties. The fried hyperbolic paraboloid potato chips themselves are not easy to break because they can be filled with nitrogen in the bag to prevent the potato chips from breaking during transportation. However, parabolic cylindrical potato chips are easier to break due to structural reasons, so canned packaging is generally used.
How to buy a suitable chips packing machine?
If you are not sure what kind of chips packaging machine is suitable for you, you can contact us and tell us your product requirements, we can design a suitable solution for you.
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