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Introduction to Chilli Powder Packing Machine

The chilli powder packing machine can be applied to the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, etc. It is so necessary to use a suitable automatic chilli powder filling and sealing machine. Now, let’s look at the equipment for packaging chilli powder.

KEFAI Machine’s chilli powder packing machine is a special piece of equipment for packing many powder materials like chilli, flour, detergent powder, etc. The use of chilli powder packing machines to automatically fill and seal the chilli powder can avoid unnecessary pollution and errors caused by manual packaging of powdered materials. At the same time, labor productivity can also be enhanced a lot.

High Repurchase Rate

KEFAI Machine is an automatic chilli powder packing machine factory. We have great advantages in the packaging machine industry. For example, KEFAIMachine’s chilli powder packer machine has obtained a number of honorary qualifications and international certifications. What’s more, we have a wide range of sales, and our chilli powder packing machinery has spread almost all over the country and overseas markets. It can be said that we have many successful cases, so you can rest assured that you can choose KEFAIMachine’s multifunctional packaging machine.

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Fully Functional System

KEFAI’s chili powder packers have the characteristics of complete performance. The intelligent PLC control system displays all the functions of the chili powder packing machine on the color touch screen. It can not only control the quantitative weighing, but also control the appropriate sealing temperature to ensure the beauty and accuracy of the product packaging. In addition, the chili packer machine also has a variety of automatic alarm devices, which can effectively play a protective role and minimize losses.

Product Section

KEFAI’s automatic chilli powder packer can meet your chilli powder packaging and production needs.

Chilli Powder Sachet Packing Machine
The chilli powder sachet packing machine is economical and easy to operate. This machine is always used to package powder materials that are easy to dust.
Chilli Powder Permade Bag Packing Machine
The large vertical automatic chilli powder packing machine can pack 5 to 60 bags of products per minute. It is suitable for packaging bulk powders.
30g Chilli Powder Packing Machine
This chilli powder packing machine price is cheap that you can easily afford it. The packaging effect is faster with a brand new machine design.
500g Chilli Powder Packing Machine
The packaging bag type of the machine has beautiful packaging, which can easily attract the attention of more customers and lead you to success.
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Information Chilli Powder Packaging Machine

What Our Clients Say

“We can intuitively see that KEFAIMachine’s chilli powder packing machine has been carefully selected and made of materials. And it is brand new and of good quality. Our experience of using it is very good, and we will come to buy KEFAI Machine’s machines again in the future.”

—— Mr. Tracy, a customer from Bahamas


” KEFAI Machine is the source factory of chilli powder packing machines, and they can customize the automatic chilli powder packing machines according to our needs. We believe that KEFAI has this strength, and we are willing to continue to use your machines in the future.”

—— Mr. Perry, a customer from Panama


” Kefaimachine’s complete set of automatic chilli powder packing solutions has won my heart. Kefaimachine’s chilli powder packing has quality assurance. All operations have been installed and debugged for me before delivery. We can use it directly when we get it. The effect is very good. I will recommend Kefaimachine’s chilli powder packing machine to my friends.”

—— Mr. Webb, a customer from Costa Rica

Efficient & Stable
Efficient & Stable
The machine packages the chilli powder very quickly and tightly. And it has very high work efficiency and can speed up the production of chilli powder packaging products.
Convenient Operation
Convenient Operation
The functions of the chilli powder packer are all automatic. You only need to manually set the specified values, and the machine can complete the task automatically and quickly.
Complete Models
Complete Models
KEFAI's chili powder packers have a variety of models for customers to choose from. Different chilli powder packaging machines have different characteristics, but they are all good quality machines.
Excellent Material
Excellent Material
The chilli powder packaging machinery is made of high-quality materials. The quality is strictly checked, and the highly skilled engineers take the perfect packaging machine to the extreme step by step.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Chilli Powder Packaging Machine

How to buy this chilli powder packing machine?

First, please tell us the details of your production. Secondly, confirm the price, payment method, delivery time, etc. Third, prepay the deposit and confirm the machine samples, sketches or other details. Fourth, we will start making the machine, and finally get the finished product, which will be shipped after you pay the final payment.

What is the monthly production capacity of your chili powder packaging machine?

We produce about 200 to 300 standard chilli powder packing machines every month. However, our new goal is to expand our factory this year to make more production.

How many kinds of bags can your chili automatic packaging machine be used for?

Our chilli powder packer can package any bag type, such as three-sided sealed and four-sided sealed sachets, back-sealed bags, zipper bags, self-supporting bags, irregular prefabricated bags, etc.

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