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  • 100% Detection Rate:The machines used to check the weight can test every product, leaving nothing left over, safer and more assured than random sampling.
  • Higher Accuracy: Even for products in motion, dynamic checkweighers can accurately and effectively measure their weight. It can detect weights with an error range of 0.015g to 20g.
  • Replace Manual Work: The checkweigher machine can fully automatically detect and remove products with substandard weight, saving labor costs, and can effectively avoid erroneous removal and rework caused by human error.
  • Prolonged Use: Both the transport belt and the timing belt are made of imported brand products, which makes our electronic checkweigher machines have a long service life.

Product Section

In Motion Checkweigher

Many automatic in motion checkweighers are usually applied to check the weight of objects moving on the conveyor belt. The checkweighing machine will automatically determine whether the weight of the product is within the specified range.

Static Checkweigher

The static automatic checkweigher requires the operator to place the item on the scale and determine whether the product is a weight-qualified product based on the comparison between the number read on the scale and the actual required weight.

Checkweighers have a checkweighing function and is a static or dynamic scale, which is mainly used in the final weight detection link of the production line. To ensure that the items being weighed are within the specified acceptable weight range. If the item exceeds or falls below this weight range, it will usually be removed from the production line for adjustment.

KEFAI’s checkweighers have many types of checkweighers, and they are fully automated. And it is not difficult to use, you can use it by turning on the power when you get it. Are you still worried about the quality of the products in the waterline, the lack of parts and the excessive quantity? Next, let me introduce our electronic checkweighers that can be used with confidence.

Specialized Checkweighing

KEFAI is a powerful source customization manufacturer, the machine has quality assurance and high cost performance. All KEFAI’s machines use high-precision design to ensure stable performance and error-free, as well as the use of high-quality materials to ensure the durability of the machine. Equipped with warning lights, it is more professional and accurate enough to remind the weight of the product. Whether it is a missed package, multiple packages, or empty packages, using our checkweigher can accurately measure it for you.


Complete Solution

KEFAI checkweigher scale has a complete solution and product portfolio line, which can be equipped with checkweighers, alarm indicators, metal detectors, X-ray machines and other equipment to achieve strict product quality control. The detected unqualified products are removed with a push rod device and they are placed on the storage table with a slope-type free roller line for subsequent operations and rework. At the same time, the machine can statistically display the number of qualified and unqualified products, and record data . This electronic checkweigher machine can detect 600 products per minute with high speed.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Checkweigher

Can the checkweighing effect of your checkweigher be guaranteed?

Yes, we choose a special digital weighing module for high-speed weighing machines and imported high-precision weighing sensors, which are enough to ensure the stability and accuracy of checkweighing.

What is the maximum detection weight of your checkweigher?

The overload capacity of our checkweigher can reach a maximum of 300kg. By the way, according to the difference in weight and volume of the product being tested, the speed and accuracy of the test will also vary slightly.

Does the checkweigher need regular maintenance?

Yes, all machines require regular maintenance. Our checkweigher is a high-speed and high-precision weighing equipment. Because of its high speed and high precision, it is usually necessary to maintain the checkweigher. So, it is best to clean after each use and conduct a detailed inspection once a month.

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