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Introduction to Candy Pillow Packing Machine

Candy pillow packing machine can pack a variety of conventional items such as candy, chocolate, chewing gum and as well as a variety of shaped candy and solid blocks. In addition, it can package not only candy, but also fruits and vegetables and medical, and other food supplies. By the way, it is suitable for the packaging method of back-sealed bags.

KEFAI Machine candy pillow packer can meet the back-sealed packaging of most products. Using this machine, you can choose between toothed incision or flat incision. In addition, there are many additional configurations, such as coding machines, inflation devices, punching devices, labeling devices, etc. Let’s take a look at our pillow pack machine for candy.

Applied to Different Fields

KEFAI Machine’s candy pillow packaging machine can help all walks of life and perfectly realize the intelligence of enterprise packaging. Our vision is to become a pioneer in the pillow packing machine industry. KEFAI Machine specializes in the manufacture and supply of candy pillow packers. We are a China leading pillow packing machine factory for candy. And we focus on candy horizontal packing machine products and do the candy horizontal packaging machine that customers really need. We have many spot resources for candy pillow packing machines, and the advantages of the low failure rate of these machines have made our customers give us praise.

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Powerful Function

KEFAI Machine’s automatic pillow packing machine is widely used in the packaging of various types and shapes of candy. It provides a reliable solution for efficient packaging of candy. The candy pillow packaging machine is highly appreciated by people for its fully automated functions and safe and reliable working characteristics. With a high degree of automation, this pillow type packer is multifunctional. It can not only realize the functions of feeding, sealing, and cutting, but also effectively improve the packing efficiency. Not only that, a nitrogen filling device can also be added to ensure the freshness of food.

Product Section

KEFAI Machine has many powerful and multifunctional candy pillow packaging machines.

Top Film Horizontal Candy Pillow Packing Machine
This model of the pillow packing machine is suitable for packaging gummy and hard candies of various shapes and rules. In addition, it can only pack a single product at a time.
Under Film Horizontal Candy Pillow Packing Machine
This type of packaging machine is suitable for all kinds of candy with irregular and regular shapes. It can pack multiple products in one package.
High Speed Horizontal Candy Pillow Packing Machine
The high-speed pillow packaging machine for candy adopts servo motor, which makes the positioning accuracy high and the packaging speed fast.
Vertical Candy Pillow Packing Machine
The automatic vertical pillow bag packaging machine saves the size of the floor area. This machine weighs the candy accurately and can pack bags of candy.
10g Candy Pillow Packing Machine
This pillow packer machine is suitable for packing one candy at a time. It can accurately locate candy and pack it accurately. Thereby saving packaging film material.
250g Candy Pillow Packing Machine
This type of packaging machine is suitable for packaging large bags of candy after accurately weighing a certain amount of candy. And you can use it easily.
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Information about Candy Pillow Packing Machine

The Feedback from Our Customers

“This pillow packing machine for candy is multifunctional. Unlike traditional flow packaging machines in the past, KEFAI Machine’s candy horizontal packaging machine can replace old machinery that is not easy to operate.”

—— Mr. Berkut, a customer from Sweden


“Their automatic candy pillow packing system is so smart that it can be tightly sealed and not easy to crack. Not only that, this horizontal pillow bag packing machine looks very beautiful and the performance is also very excellent.”

—— Mr. Brose, a customer from Germany


“KEFAI Machine’s pillow packaging machine for candy solves our previous problems of inefficient packing. The 24-hour uninterrupted work of the machine has greatly improved our work efficiency and increased our production.”

—— Mr. Vicent, a customer from Spain

Simple Control
Simple Control
The automatic candy pillow pack machine is simple to operate. It can accurately and conveniently control key parameters such as packaging speed and packaging temperature.
Stable and Smooth
Stable and Smooth
The candy pillow packing machine is not easy to deviate in the process of pulling the film. It is stable and smooth when pulling the film, making the bag smoother and more beautiful.
Excellent Sealability
Excellent Sealability
The temperature control meter of the horizontal packing machine for candy can adjust the temperature of the packaging film at any time to achieve the best sealing effect.
Save Materials
Save Materials
It automatically detects the length of the inductive material. It has the characteristics of non-moving film and non-packaging without objects, thereby saving the cost of using the film.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Candy Pillow Packing Machine

What is the minimum orderable quantity of candy pillow packing machine?

The minimum order is 1 set. But the price will be more favorable if you order larger quantity.

Can you provide relevant videos about your candy pillow packing machine?

Yes, please let me know if you need it, and we will provide you with what you need.

When I used this packaging machine for the first time, how should I operate it?

1.We are equipped with relevant operating instructions for this machine.

2.Our engineers can guide you through video demonstrations.

3. Our engineers can go overseas for on-site teaching.

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