Bottle Filling Machine Manufacturer
  • electric control box
  • equipment structure
  • anti-drip design
  • conveyor
  • cursor
  • filling nozzle
  • electric control box
  • electric control box
  • equipment structure
  • anti-drip design
  • conveyor
  • cursor
  • filling nozzle
  • electric control box

Bottle Filling Machine

  • High Filling Accuracy: The bottle filling equipment adopts the piston principle for quantitative filling, and it is suitable for most viscous liquids.
  • Intelligent Induction: Our bottle dosing machine has an intelligent induction working system that can automatically detect bottles and filling liquids.
  • Easily Adjust: The bottle filler is compatible with a variety of bottle sizes and has three conventional capacity options which can meet most of the quantitative filling needs.
  • Firm Structure: The whole bottle filling machine is made of 304 stainless steel, in line with national safety and health standards.

Product Section

The filling bottle cap machine is highly adaptable, and the linear bottle delivery and positioning make it suitable for a variety of  types of bottle caps, which is so convenient.

Bottle Labeling Machine

It can also be equipped with an automatic printer for automatic labeling or printing product information such as production date, batch number, barcode, etc.

Bottle Vacuum Capping Machine

This bottle vacuum capping machine adopts an integrated electrical and pneumatic design and has a simple structure. It can be widely used in vacuum capping.

Manual Bottle Filling Machine

KEFAI manual bottle filling machine with piston structure can fill any paste and liquid materials from 5 to 200ml. It is suitable for small dose filling work in enterprises or laboratories.

Semi Automatic Bottle Filling Machine

The semi-automatic bottle filling machine has two modes of automatic filling and manual filling of bottles. It saves time and effort, and does more with half the effort.

Fully Automatic Bottle Filling Machine

The fully automatic bottle dosing machine can be combined with a bottle capping machine to form a filling production line, which is conducive to enhancing the efficiency.

Bottle filling machines are a good helper for pharmaceutical, lightening, food and other industries. Round bottles, square bottles, special-shaped bottles, and bottles of different diameters all can be applied. Our bottle filling machine can be used not only alone, but also in combination with bottle flushing machine, capping machine, labeling machine, bottle sorting machine and other equipment. In addition to liquid bottle filling machine, we also have dry powder bottle filling machine.

KEFAI has many types of bottle filling machines. You can find various semi-automatic or fully automatic filling machines here. However, we specialize in providing customized machine services, you can tell us any of your requirements. For example, you could show your bottle samples, your filling materials, and you can tell us the filling speed and filling amount of each bottle you need.

Reliable Provider of Filling Solutions

KEFAI Machine has an experienced R&D team of bottle filling machines and a stable production team. We are constantly pursuing advanced and quality machines. Our bottle dosing machine helps people a lot. From the customer’s point of view, we take into account all the needs and doubts of our customers and will answer them one by one. What’s more, we protect the rights and interests of our customers, and your trust is the driving force for us to keep moving forward. We hope that we can work hand in hand with you, and hope that our bottle filling solution can give you the greatest help.

Bottle Filling Machine
Bottle Filling Machine

Huge Production Capacity

KEFAImachine automatic bottle filling machine can support filling nozzles with single-head, double-head, four-head, or even twelve-head. The speed of single-head bottle filling machine can reach 800 bottles per hour, and the speed of twelve-head bottle filler machine can reach 4000 bottles per hour, which can be said to be very fast and efficient. The rest of the requirements can also be customized. The use of imported components at home and abroad to ensure the quality of the bottle filling machine and to ensure efficient and stable operation of the work.

Bottle Cap Machine Manufacturer in China:

A bottle cap machine is a type of machine used in the packaging industry to automatically apply caps or closures to bottles. Bottle Cap Machine Manufacturers are essential for businesses in the beverage, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries that need to package large volumes of products. In this article, we will explore the different types of Bottle Cap Machine Manufacturers and their key features.

All You Need to Know About Bottle Filling Machine Manufacturer:

Automatic Bottle Cap Machines:

Automatic Bottle Filling Machine Manufacturers are fully automated machines that can apply caps or closures to bottles at high speeds. They can handle a range of cap sizes and are ideal for large-scale production. Automatic Bottle Filling Machine Manufacturers can be customized to fit the specific needs of a business and can include features such as cap sorting, cap feeding, and cap torquing.

Semi-Automatic Bottle Cap Machines:

Semi-automatic Bottle Filling Machine Manufacturers are partially automated machines that require some operator intervention. They can handle a range of cap sizes and are ideal for medium-scale production. Semi-automatic Bottle Filling Machine Manufacturers can be customized to fit the specific needs of a business and can include features such as cap feeding and cap torquing.

Manual Bottle Cap Machines:

Manual Bottle Filling Machine Manufacturers require complete operator intervention. They are ideal for small-scale production and can handle a range of cap sizes. Manual Bottle Filling Machine Manufacturers are simple to operate and require minimal maintenance.

Bottle Cap Machine Manufacturers can be customized to fit the specific needs of a business. Additional features that can be added to Bottle Cap Machine Manufacturer include cap sorting systems, which can sort caps by size and shape, and cap torquing systems, which can ensure that caps are properly tightened.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Bottle Filling Machine


What quality guarantees do you have for the bottle filling machine I purchased?

We guarantee you high quality and direct sales of the machine, and the machine has a one year warranty, such as during this period there are any non-human factors caused by the problem, we can give you free replacement, and provide lifelong technical support.

How can I trust you when I buy a bottle filling machine for the first time?

You can check our business license and certificate. Besides, we recommend that all transactions use the platform’s trade protection services to protect your financial rights and interests.

Do you provide customized services to get my own unique bottle filling machine?

Yes, we will customize a suitable bottle filling machine for you according to your needs, such as filling materials, filling types, bottle types, system parameters, etc.

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