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  • Beer Can Filling Machine
  • Beer Can Filling Machine-detail1
  • Beer Can Filling Machine-detail2
  • Beer Can Filling Machine-detail3
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Beer Can Filling Machine

  • Intelligent System: The intelligent filling system will automatically quantitatively control the specified filling amount.
  • Various Alert Functions: If the beer cans dosing machine has low air pressure, no filling, or no internal plug, it will automatically turn on the shutdown function and issue a warning.
  • Automatic counting: The automatic beer cans filling machine has a display function of the number of cans filled on the same day or in total, which is convenient for the factory to record data.
  • Quick Change Containers: The popular filling machine for beer can store multiple sets of filling information, so there is no need to re-debug when replacing bottles.

Product Section

Tabletop Beer Can Filling Machine

The desktop beer can dosing machine is very compact and easy to move. Therefore, this multifunction filling machine is a good helper for small beer factories.

3 in 1 Beer Can Filling Machine

The three-in-one beer can filler can automatically complete a number of functions, which is very practical. To speed up the production schedule of the factory is not a problem at all.

Automatic Beer Can Filling Machine

The automatic beer cans filling machine has the characteristics of high degree of automation, high yield, wide adaptability and good stability, so it is favored by the majority of users.

Manual Beer Can Filling Machine

By pressing the foot pedal, the manual filling machine for beer relies on time for quantitative and accurate filling, and the error is ultra-low.

Beer can filling machine can be widely used in the filling field of beer, wine, drinks and beverages. It is suitable for use in production plants in food, chemical, catering, daily chemicals, beverages, medicine and other industries.

KEFAI’s automatic beer can filler is so great because of our careful manufacturing. KEFAI’s exquisite technology controls the excellent quality of the filling machine. We carefully manufacture every detail, and truly achieve perfect and accurate filling to say goodbye to the cumbersome settings in the past, and easily meet the filling production requirements.

Extraodinary Purchase Experience

KEFAI Machine has been constantly working hard to innovate and forge ahead. With the most advanced technology and rigorous scientific management, products can stand out from colleagues in terms of quality, function, price and sales and service. We work hard to develop machinery and only provide you with high-quality products. Each production process of the beer cans filling machine has undergone strict supervision, production and product factory inspection. Our goal is to pursue the satisfied smiles of our customers who bought our canned beer filling machine.

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No Man Is Required

The entire machine is fully automatic to realize various functions, and can be used in combination with other machines to form a complete beer can filling production line. First, the cans are entered into the bottle flushing machine for flushing, and the inner wall of the bottle is rinsed with sterile water. The washed cans are transferred to the filling machine for accurate quantitative filling process. The lid management machine presses the sorted lid on the cans and performs the capping and sealing process. The fully automatic filling machine can greatly save the time of factory production. The entire production efficiency is very high.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Beer Can Filling Machine

What are the specifications of the beer can filling machine?

This automatic dosing machine for beer can have 4 heads, 6 heads, 8 heads, 10 heads, or 12 heads of filling nozzles, and other numbers of filling nozzles can also be customized if you needed.

What is the filling capacity of the beer can filling machine?

This beer can filling machine can fill the capacity of 1ml to 5000ml.

Did the automatic beer can filling machine we received look the same as the picture?

The shooting of product photos may be affected by factors such as shooting angle, distance, and light, so please refer to the actual product.

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