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Introduction to Beans Filling Machine

Beans filling machine is suitable for accurately filling solid particulate materials such as whole grains, medicinal materials, tea, nuts, electronic components, etc. The semi-automatic beans filling system can automatically complete feeding, metering and other tasks, and can store various product adjustment parameters.

KEFAI Machine’s beans dosing machine enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad. Large-capacity hoppers can reduce the pouring time and thereby improve work efficiency. The combination of stainless steel and plexiglass can be easily disassembled and washed without tools. The quality of KEFAI Machine’s beans filling system is guaranteed, and it is made by our technical engineers, so you can rest assured of every detail.

High-Standard Equipment

KEFAI Machine is a direct supplier specializing in providing bean filling machines and related filling and packaging machinery. It is one of the earlier manufacturers of filling and packaging machinery products. We have high reputation in food packing, pesticide packing, feed packing, fertilizer packing, chemical packing and other industries. This machine for filling beans can also be tailored for you according to your requirements. We believe that our filling machines can bring great profits to our customers. We are proud of our products and strive to ensure that the machines we produce always meet environmental protection standards and produce the best quality products as much as possible.

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Simple Operation

KEFAI’s bean filling machine is simple to operate, and one person can complete all the operations. It has the characteristics of convenience and flexibility. It only takes four steps to work easily. First, you should pour the required material into the hopper. Secondly, please set the required weighing grams, and then take the bag or bottle and other containers to the discharge port to receive the material, so that the filling of the product can be completed simply and quickly. This semi-automatic beans dosing machine is worry-free and labor-saving to operate, and it is a good helper for everyone’s material filling.

Product Section

KEFAI Machine bean filler can be used for multiple purposes in one machine to improve efficiency.

Bean Bag Filling Machine
Our automatic bean bag filling machine is suitable for the quantitative filling of granular. This bean dispensing machine has a humanized design so that you can use this machine quickly and easily.
Beans Bottle Filling Machine
The beans weighing filling machine can be used for automatic bottling production line for granule. It can automatically recognize the container for automatic and accurate filling with high-speed.
Volumetric Cup Beans Filling Machine
The volume cup filling machine is suitable for the metering and filling of free-flowing particles. After adding the pedal button, it can even be used for premade pouches, bottles, jars and other containers.
Multi-head Beans Filling Machine
In addition to the bean filling machine with a single hopper, we also have a double hopper with a multi-head scale and a bean filling machine with a four-head scale to speed up and do more with less effort.
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Customization Solutions Starts Here

KEFAI Machine R & D team is always online for the solving of your production solutions.

Information about Beans Filling Machine

Customer Feedback

” I received this 30g sachet bean filling machine in time. I think KEFAI Machine’s efficiency is still very fast. Both the customer service response speed and the production and delivery speed of the machine are very fast.”

—— Mr. Abdo, a customer from Guatemala


” The life of the KEFAI machine is very long, and our last machine has been in use for several years and continues to be used. This time I came to purchase several bean filling machines, which have been put into the factory for use and production.”

—— Mr. Brad, a customer from Latvia


” I have recommended KEFAI Machine’s beans filler machine to my colleagues and friends. The quantitative filling of the bean fillier is very accurate, and we are very satisfied with the filling effect. We use it in the bean filling line, which is very efficient.”

—— Mr. Abel, a customer from Ukraine

Accurate Weighing
Accurate Weighing
The beans filling machine adopts vibration feeding and electronic scale weighing design, which overcomes the shortcomings of measurement errors caused by changes in the specific gravity of the material.
Flexible Design
Flexible Design
The use of bean fillers is not easily limited by packaging containers. It is suitable for use in situations where material varieties and packaging specifications often change.
Complete Functionality
Complete Functionality
Our automatic beans weighing and filling machine is a new type of integrated equipment with automatic quantitative weighing, infrared sensor feeding, cumulative counting and cumulative weighing and other functions.
Intelligent Control
Intelligent Control
This beans filler adopts microcomputer control technology. It has high precision weighing sensor, which solves the old problems of complicated procedure, low speed and inaccurate weighing.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Beans Filling Machine

What is the weighing range of the bean filling machine?

KEFAI’s bean filling equipment can accurately weigh materials within 100g to 5kg at high speed.

What is the filling speed of the bean filling machine?

Our beans filling machinery can fill 700 bags to 2000 bags of products per hour.

How many cutting methods do bean filling machines have?

Our beans filler has two filling methods. One is single-bucket cutting, which refers to the cutting of the same product under the specified number of grams of packaging. The other filling method is combined cutting, which refers to the simultaneous weighing and filling of multiple buckets in a variety of different products. After reaching the number of grams of packaging, the material is discharged at the same time and finally filled into a container.

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