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Introduction to Automatic Sauce Packing Machine

KEFAI automatic sauce packing machine is a device full of multiple functions. The packaging range of the automatic sauce packaging machine is not limited to sauce, and it can be applied to serum, cream, toner, soy sauce, shampoo, body wash, laundry detergent, and so on.

The automatic sauce packaging equipment is definitely affordable for you and we will be able to make you gain the factory price. Our automatic sauce packers can operate at high loads and generally do not break down. You can adjust the packing speed if you feel the packing speed is too excessive or too fast.

Ever-Improving Skills

KEFAI Machine aims at the constant innovation and improvement of manufacturing technique and research ability. We believe that the automatic sauce packer we produce is in line with the production requirements of our clients. We will build the most competitive smart packaging service brand on the market, and let customers have enough trust in our automatic sauce packaging equipment. KEFAI Machine is able to make you own the best automatic sauce packing solution to help you take the lead in automatic sauce packaging.

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Attentive After-Sales Team

As for an automatic sauce packing machine manufacturer, the thoughtful after sales service is the second most important part besides product quality. For standard models of automatic packaging machines, we will arrange personnel to ship them to you as soon as possible after we have fully debugged them and confirmed that they are in normal operation. The transportation methods mainly include sea transportation, air transportation, and express delivery. You can choose one of them or we can recommend you the fastest transportation method. For non-standard automatic packaging machines, we can provide you with a design plan for free, and then carry out equipment research and development, assembly, processing, debugging, and other processes. After passing the qualification testing, we will also wrap and ship soon.

Product Section

KEFAI automatic sauce packing machine has a profession R & D team of great innovation.

KEFAI semi automatic sauce packing machine allows to change the related parameters and specifications.
Fully Automatic Sauce Packing Machine
KEFAI fully automatic sauce packing machine can regulate the position of cutting knife in the case of non-stop equipment.
Automatic Chilli Sauce Packing Machine
KEFAI automatic chilli sauce packing machine is able to achieve no dripping during the packaging process.
Automatic Curry Paste Packing Machine
KEFAI automatic curry paste packing machine allows you to see the production situation clearly in an intuitive way.
Automatic Salad Dressing Packing Machine
The bag type of the automatic salad dressing packing machine can be customized if you have special needs.
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Whether you want to know the detailed technical parameters or quotation, you can contact us at any time.

Information about Automatic Sauce Packing Machine

The Feedback from Our Customers

“I would like to recommend this automatic vffs sauce packer to anyone who have needs for packaging sauce. The fully automatic production is really convenient and the sauce packaging equipment help us finish the workload in an extremely short time. So awesome. ”

——Callum, a client from Belarus


“”The automatic sauce packaging equipment I bought was recommended by my friend. He said that he was very satisfied with your packing machine and he wants to purchase another one next time. Now it seems that my friend’s suggestion is not wrong, the equipment is really perfect and saves us a lot of manpower.”

——Rory, a client from Canada


“Thank you for offering me the automatic sachet sauce packing machine of comprehensive functions. The fully automatic sauce packaging machine does not even require many workers. That is so perfect. Hope to have another cooperation soon.”

——Cruz, a client from Uruguay

Wide Application
Wide Application Range
KEFAI automatic sauce packing machine has a wide application range. In addition to food industry, it is also quite suitable for daily chemical, daily necessities, medical and skin care products industry.
Minimum Error
It is easy for some packing machines to cause some error in sealing temperature. But our automatic sauce packing machine can be adjusted through PID system so as to keep the margin of error within 1 degree Celsius.
Convenient to Use
Convenient to Use
As a user-friendly device, our fully automatic sauce packers are able to finish bag forming, metering, feeding, sealing, cutting, counting, and printing functions, etc. Besides, the automatic sauce packing equipment has a color touch screen in which many detailed parameters are displayed clearly.
Highly Accurate
Highly Accurate
The automatic sauce packing machine is capable of packaging the products in a quick and precise way. Due to the configuration of positioning system, the automatic sauce packer can capture the accurate filling position of materials. In this way, the waste of unnecessary can also be avoided.

The Frequently Asked Quesions about Automatic Sauce Packing Machine

What is the customization process of your machine?

First of all, our salesman will communicate with you in detail, in full understanding of your needs will provide you with a special design scheme. We will sign a contract with you after you have reached an agreement on the design scheme. Next, after our engineers produce the equipment, we will immediately deliver the goods.

What if I don't know how to operate the machine?

Please rest assured that we will provide one-to-one instruction for each customer to ensure that we can teach you how to operate the machine.

What packaging materials are suitable for your automatic sauce packaging machine?

Our automatic sauce packer can be used for the following packaging materials: polypropylene, polyethylene, aluminum foil, polyester, aluminized, nylon, reinforced polyethylene, paper, and so on.

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